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PLEASE VOTE: Give Us Real Combat Logs

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PLEASE VOTE: Give Us Real Combat Logs

Darnu's Avatar

03.31.2012 , 09:24 AM | #391
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthKhaos View Post
We all know that's the real reason why they want it. Because even with real time meters and logs they would still have to wait till after the fight to analyze what went wrong if anything did.
And that is why I love that Addon in world of warcraft Bx DeathNotes for Recount. Mouseover the player's bar and it tells you every tick of damage they took and what he damage was and what heals they received and it's instantly linkable. Doesn't take too much to work out what's going on.

JediElf's Avatar

03.31.2012 , 09:27 AM | #392
Personal logs, great idea!

Public logs, no thank you.

If you want to improve yourself that's fine by me, but don't presume to tell others how to play the game.

If you thought people didn't want to PUG before, they certainly wont want to pug at all if they get kicked for the smallest mistake. This game will become even more 'single player',(as some of you say), than it already is.

I'm serious, if meters take over, prepare for solo flashpoints...mark my words.
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03.31.2012 , 09:34 AM | #393
I would like a combat log as an option in my chat. I can create my own tab that shows damage i've done and what has been done to me.

As it stands right now, no matter what happens to me in the heat of battle, I have no way to know what just happened... whether that is because I just unloaded every skill I have and the opponent barely lost any health or because I was just hit and died and don't know what happened, or many other scenarios. For instance, I could see my crits and theirs. I could see if I got any heals or got great heals... even this resolve thing could be shown to work or not work... as I have had a full resolve bar and still been stunned... but I can't prove it! I could increase my gameplay results and also be prepared for any encounter.

To not have this in game is pretty lazy on the part of the developers. And I think that whatever reason they have given for not having them was to hide the fact that they spent more time and money on other parts of the game and couldn't be bothered. I am talking about my own personal damage log, by the way. I'm not talking about being able to access other people's performances that had nothing to do with me.

Gerandar's Avatar

03.31.2012 , 10:08 AM | #394
So you want addons to make the pre-scripted easy to do operations even easier? bleh

Darnu's Avatar

03.31.2012 , 11:18 PM | #395
Quote: Originally Posted by JediElf View Post
I'm serious, if meters take over, prepare for solo flashpoints...mark my words.
People are already asking to be able to solo them with a team of companions instead of players. Not because of logs or fear of getting kicked, purely because of the sheer lack of effort into flashpoints beyond the bare bones of their creation, as in accessibility, utilities like logs and parsers etc. Which one do you think hurts more people on a more regular basis?

I like the idea of personal logs which can be activated to being visible to the group by the majority of the group when it's needed. If things are going fine and you don't need to see what's going on with everyone, then, well, you don't need to. But if things aren't working and something's going on it can really help to see what's going on instead of simply guessing and trying over and over and wiping over and over because you don't really know.

And while it's only sort of relevant, I played wow before recount was popular (don't even think it was invented) and after. Nothing changed. Except for one thing: it raised people's awareness about the game in general and bridged a major gap between casuals and hardcores. People struggling after recount were struggling before it and the result was exactly the same, but they didn't have a meter to blame.

Tuburculosis's Avatar

03.31.2012 , 11:48 PM | #396
Quote: Originally Posted by DjSnazzyduds View Post
Boo down with combat logs! Hate the things, it's just a tool to measure people's e-peen and satisfy their egos giving them a sense of self-righteousness.

Next thing you know, "Oh the log says you DPS like a blind person. Sorry, not pro/elite enough for us. *kick*"
of course its like that, but hey who needs combat logs anyways, the lame mechanics of the game so far state, hey look a healer or a tank or an offhealer is comming at me.... bam bam bam, yup im dead in two seconds... good thing I rolled a pure dps class when game launched wasted all the time to get him to 50 only then to realise wait, sory folks that dps class is pure garbage, you should of roled a support healer, healer or tank if you wanted to out dps any other class withought dying. stupid sniper what were you thinking?

djrocklyn's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 11:28 AM | #397
I'd like a damage meter.
there are so many reasons I read here about not to have it.
however they are not really solid..
You are not going ops alone and people are investing thier time to do things with you.
If you are not doing well in ops or cause the wipe,
I know it will hurt your ego, there are times when i looked at the recount and felt embarrased in wow.
but it's life. People deserve to get what they worked hard for,
and those who don't, could always join a casual guild and enjoy game content in normal mode.
why we have to hide our combat log to each other and ask them personnally?
it is at the end the same isnt it? unless you do not wish certain people to look at it.
if you think meter is not needed and your calculation works fine.
then just simply dun look at it for yourself, at the end it is still the same..
many things could happen in a boss fight, and people will judge it based on facts and not assumption. and trust me and your guildmates they will know wether theres exception if the tool is good enough.
if u wanna get best gears in game and feel superior or.. not getting embarrased
why not try to accept the fact and improve your game?
you have to put in extra effort to get extra..
is that what you call elitist?
elitism always exists.. it is not the meter that makes them, it is the people.

transparency, i believe, is only good for protect unwanted behaviour from ppl, whether it's in real life or in game.

Matte_Black's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 01:45 PM | #398
For me, it's more an issue of whether or not a feature of the game is causing you to attend to what you are supposed to. I believe BioWare's intention is that we focus on playing the game and not measuring it. All the analysis can occur but, after you have played, not as a distraction during play.
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Sideshot's Avatar

06.06.2012 , 01:25 PM | #399
I vote for in game combat logs. I see the current setup as a primitive fix that you'd find in a 3rd rate bargain bin mmo. For starters, it would help cut down confusion on why my attack animation isn't showing but my global cooldown is setting off while in the heat of the moment, rather than having to dig through files and pin point the instant where it may or may not have happened possibly hours later.

williambr's Avatar

06.06.2012 , 01:30 PM | #400
Quote: Originally Posted by Matte_Black View Post
For me, it's more an issue of whether or not a feature of the game is causing you to attend to what you are supposed to. I believe BioWare's intention is that we focus on playing the game and not measuring it. All the analysis can occur but, after you have played, not as a distraction during play.
Thats why I liked SWG's combat log, it wasn't some third party program shoddily thrown together, and it didn't really tell you all too much, it was just a great tool after a fight to look through and see if you lost your dps, or what caused a massive hit and such.

It wasn't really something you would look at during a fight, but after a fight it allowed people to look through their own stats. However you couldn't see others numbers(which I was initially opposed too), just yours, and whatever your in combat with. Not very useful for seeing who dropped that proverbial ball in a raid for a group leader, but for personal growth it was great.
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