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Just an observation on raiding...

Horacio's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 09:30 PM | #1
So, tonight was a little frustrating. Soa Hardmode, which we have beaten twice before proved too difficult. We ran into the same old bugs, you know, invisible lightning, missing floor tiles, extra lightning, etc. Certainly, we're not exactly world-beaters. We were not 'world first' or 'server first' in the last game we all raided together in and we aren't here either. In truth, we could chalk a wipe or two up to bugs and RNG but the rest is probably on us. (although, one shotting every boss and then wiping an hour and a half on the final boss kinda sucks but meh, whatever)

No, the point is this: We had fun. As I said, we raided together in a previous game. Three of us in the 8 man group have raided together for 7+ years off and on, though we really aren't close friends or anything. Still, we laughed our asses off multiple times tonight over jokes, one liners and the like.

It points to me something that I've been pondering whilst reading all the rants and raves and complaining about the state and quality of the game. I believe that a large portion of the player base is expecting too much out of games in general and MMOs in particular. Nothing is EVER going to be sufficient to.....what, exactly?

I game for entertainment purposes. Not to prove my worth at anything or fill a hole in my life. I've played other MMOs and in some ways unfortunately, SWTOR is very much like them. Lack of content? This game seems to me to have the same quantity of content as its biggest 'competitor". The bugs are annoying but the game is rather large.

Instead of complaining, however, why not, you know, go do something else? And that ties into people seeking more out of a video game than is probably healthy for them to. And because its not 'perfect', they aren't happy....and perfection and happiness, when sought in this manner, are impossible to achieve.

The bottom line is that the game is there. Its pretty nice. Its got some cool stuff. Either enjoy it or don't, the choice is yours but expending time and energy to complain to the level of what is here on these forums is just foolish.

Diceb's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 01:41 AM | #2
I tend to agree but there are limits. Having to depend on luck that a raid boss wont toss out one of what 20 known bugs to the detriment of the party can sap the fun out.

Constant stun locks in pvp and an under performing resolve system can be a pain in the butt.

But this is a new game there will be bugs, but the devs had stated that they pretty much kept the entire team together so people will ask why are the major pain in the butt bugs still around.

I played the other star (franchise) online and it was crap from the beginning and all they did was add more crap on top of that and everything added bugged out allot of working stuff.

I don't want to see this game go down that path. TOR looks good, plays reasonably well, and has the best multiple story line theme I have seen in a mmo, not to mention the voice acting is of the highest caliber.

Basically to sum up I would rather pay to play this mmo than play allot of the others for free even with the bugs. But I expect the bugs to be fixed "Sooner rather than Later".