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Karaaga 16man HM - Grav Well Questions

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03.21.2012 , 03:13 PM | #1
I spent a little time searching the forum for details on this and came up with nothing so figured I'd shout out and see what people know. We've been running 16man HM operations lately and there seems to be a lot of questions about how Karaaga's Grav Well attack works exactly. Here's what I know:

It targets a person and freezes them in place, doing damage (once per second?) until it explodes.
It targets and sucks in other players with it although they can move fine.
It has about a 5 meter AoE damage pulse that also hurts everyone else targeted by the Grav Well.
If you are not targeted it will not damage you even if you're within the AoE range.
It can be purged off the main target.
It sometimes glitches and two Grav Wells are thrown out. I hear this is a glitch but there are no plans to fix it?

Here's what I'm unsure of:

Does it leave a debuff on the person targeted? Once everyone is pulled together it's difficult to tell who is targeted until the others run out.

Does it target a random group of people? Is there a constant number of people who are targeted? Does it have a range of who it targets to suck in with the frozen person?

The only time I ever remember seeing it target melee was when two were thrown out together. Does it target whomever or is it always a ranged (when it doesn't glitch)?

Finally, anyone have a great tactic of how to deal with it? We had a scenario last night where mouse droids spawned and then a grav well went out right afterwards. The grav well threw off the healers from healing the tank as well as the dps from AoE-ing down the mouse droids. Of course the mouse droids killed the tank and Karaaga turned on the raid and immediately fired missiles, killing half of us. Bad luck or is there something we can do to mitigate that?


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