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Star Wars Books

Squelsch's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 12:25 PM | #1
Hey I am in the process of reading Deadly Alliance right now, and it is AWESOME. Probably not the most notable literature of our time, but worthy of reading if you play this game. Anyone read any others that they might reccomend?

Oh! Also, if you get the chance, read Death Troopers! It's a Star Wars zombie novel, which explains some of Han's background. Just read it. It will blow your mind.

Solbjorn's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 12:42 PM | #2
Deadly Alliance or Fatal Alliance?

Squelsch's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 02:57 PM | #3
That was Fatal Alliance. My bads.

It was probably something like a 7th grade reading level, but at least it was fast paced and full of blasters.

Captain_Zone's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 03:07 PM | #4
My personal favorites in the Star Wars ExU are the X-Wing series by Stackpole and Allston. Hardly any Jedi mumbo jumbo going on. Just good ol' in-your-face dogfights and ground ops.
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ToEasy's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 03:14 PM | #5
Death star was a good star wars book I think. So was tales of the bounty hunters.
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Squelsch's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 02:13 AM | #6
i had bought an omnibus comic about boba fett. freakin bad ***. anything bounty hunter related is though. ever read the han solo series?

ZombieClownz's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 01:42 PM | #7
I have been reading a lot of the SW books since last October. I think i stopped reading Fatal Alliance because it started so bad, but if it's good I will go back.

I just finished the Thrawn series, which I know a bunch of people loved. It was terrible. and not in that 3rd grade reading level way either, it was just terrible.

Im not sure what other EU books I should be getting into though.

Avicii's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 02:06 PM | #8
Most people like the Thrawn novels I think you might be the first person I have seen post they didnt like them (I am sure you arent the only one however). When I read the first novel, Heir to the Empire, the first time I was a little disenchanted by it, but I had just finished the Darth Bane books so I think it took me a bit to switch to a different style of book. I did enjoy the next 2 books in the series. The Hand of Thrawn books I liked as well they are well written and the smuggler organization plays a big part again which I like a lot.

There are so many books and a lot of people love a lot of different ones. What book did everyone like the best or what series of novels?

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04.11.2012 , 02:50 PM | #9
not a normal book but i highly recommend these comic books

Tales of the Jedi series:
Golden Age of the Sith
Fall of the Sith Empire
Tales of the Jedi
Freedon Nadd Uprising
Dark Lords of the Sith
Sith War

you seriously need to read these
Im the sith juggernaut bish