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Where to find this pvp level 40 item?

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Where to find this pvp level 40 item?

kreeshak's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 11:00 AM | #1
I found this item in a database:

and I cannot find it on the pvp vendor on my fleet.

Can anyone help? I am new to this game and the databases including torhead are seriously lacking information

Valens_Andorius's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 11:02 AM | #2
I thought all PvP gear was bought from vendors on fleet, but there is a PVP vendor next to your class trainer on Drummand Kaas.

Try there.
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kreeshak's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 11:10 AM | #3
found it on jedi knight pvp vendor on coruscant

the name is different but the stats are identical.

I just wish the tor database was detailed

Zoopercat's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 07:26 PM | #4
Hey, I'm one of the people behind AMR. We have it categorized as 'empire' only, but don't have that flag on the item page yet. We'll get that in there soon! Sorry for that confusion.

Meanwhile, here's the master list of PVP items for Empire and Republic:

Armguards of Entropic Assault	e
Armguards of Inexorable Defense	r
Armguards of Savagery	e
Assault Saberstaff	e
Battlerager's Lightsaber	e
Belt of Entropic Assault	e
Belt of Inexorable Defense	r
Belt of Savagery	e
Blade Savant's Lightsaber	e
Bladefury's Boots	r
Bladefury's Bracers	r
Bladefury's Gloves	r
Bladefury's Headgear	r
Bladefury's Leggings	r
Bladefury's Vest	r
Bladefury's Waistcord	r
Body Armor of Entropic Assault	e
Body Armor of Inexorable Defense	r
Boots of Dark Demise	e
Boots of Dark Promise	e
Boots of Entropic Assault	e
Boots of Inexorable Defense	r
Boots of Invigorating Assault	e
Boots of Savagery	e
Boots of Solar Wrath	r
Boots of the Eclipse	r
Boots of the Force Nimbus	r
Boots of the Warden	r
Bracers of Invigorating Assault	e
Bracers of Solar Wrath	r
Bracers of the Eclipse	r
Bracers of the Warden	r
Chestguard of Savagery	e
Critical Mass Armguards	e
Critical Mass Boots	e
Critical Mass Cuirass	e
Critical Mass Gauntlets	e
Critical Mass Girdle	e
Critical Mass Helmet	e
Critical Mass Legplates	e
Cuffs of Dark Desmise	e
Cuffs of Dark Promise	e
Cuffs of the Force Nimbus	r
D-25 Turbo Disruptor	r
Dark Adept's Lightsaber	e
Dark Fanatic's Bangle	e
Dark Fanatic's Belt	e
Dark Fanatic's Boots	e
Dark Fanatic's Gloves	e
Dark Fanatic's Hood	e
Dark Fanatic's Shroud	e
Dark Fanatic's Trousers	e
Dark Zealot's Belt	e
Dark Zealot's Bracers	e
Dark Zealot's Cloak	e
Dark Zealot's Double-Bladed Lightsaber	e
Dark Zealot's Gloves	e
Dark Zealot's Hood	e
Dark Zealot's Legwraps	e
Dark Zealot's Thighboots	e
Darkwalker's Saberstaff	e
Deathwarden's Lightsaber	r
Dreadstalker's Saberstaff	r
Eclipse Double-bladed Saber	r
Elegant Disruption Saber	e
F-411 Rampage-X Blaster Rifle	e
F-9 Elite Stealth Enforcer	r
F-9 Laser Enforcer	r
Fatewalker's Lightsaber	r
Force Evangelist's Cowl	r
Force Evangelist's Footwraps	r
Force Evangelist's Handwraps	r
Force Evangelist's Legwraps	r
Force Evangelist's Sash	r
Force Evangelist's Shroud	r
Force Evangelist's Wristwraps	r
Forcebound Adept's Anklewraps	e
Forcebound Adept's Cowl	e
Forcebound Adept's Handwraps	e
Forcebound Adept's Lightsaber	e
Forcebound Adept's Robes	e
Forcebound Adept's Waistwrap	e
Forcebound Adept's Wraps	e
Forcebound Adept's Wristwraps	e
Forceguard's Lightsaber	r
Forceweaver's Lightsaber	r
Frontline Bracers	r
Frontline Defense Armor	r
Frontline Defense Faceguard	r
Frontline Defense Rifle	r
Frontline Gauntlets	r
Frontline Girdle	r
Frontline Greaves	r
Frontline Kneeboots	r
Furious Assault Boots	e
Furious Assault Bracers	e
Furious Assault Gloves	e
Furious Assault Headgear	e
Furious Assault Leggings	e
Furious Assault Vest	e
Furious Assault Waistcord	e
Fusion-Bolt Cannon	r
G-201 Bantha Destroyer	r
G-201 Rancor-X Saboteur	r
G-203 Micro-pulse Needler	e
G-56 Projection-X Carbine	r
Gloves of Dark Demise	e
Gloves of Dark Promise	e
Gloves of Entropic Assault	e
Gloves of Inexorable Defense	r
Gloves of Solar Wrath	r
Gloves of the Force Nimbus	r
Greaves of Entropic Assault	e
Greaves of Inexorable Defense	r
Greaves of Savagery	e
H-103 Field Survival Disruptor	e
H-206 Military Blaster	r
H-206 Renegade Blaster Rifle	r
H-213 Sentry Rifle	e
H-313 Renegade Annihilator	r
H-316 Bantha Sharpshooter	e
H-411 Battle Saboteur	r
Handgear of Savagery	e
Handwraps of Invigorating Assault	e
Handwraps of the Eclipse	r
Handwraps of the Warden	r
Haywire Hunter's Belt	e
Haywire Hunter's Blaster	e
Haywire Hunter's Body Armor	e
Haywire Hunter's Boots	e
Haywire Hunter's Bracers	e
Haywire Hunter's Gauntlets	e
Haywire Hunter's Greaves	e
Haywire Hunter's Helmet	e
Headgear of Dark Demise	e
Headgear of Dark Promise	e
Headgear of Entropic Assault	e
Headgear of Inexorable Defense	r
Headgear of Invigorating Assault	e
Headgear of Savagery	e
Headgear of Solar Wrath	r
Headgear of the Eclipse	r
Headgear of the Force Nimbus	r
Headgear of the Warden	r
High Prophet's Lightsaber	e
Imperial Captain's Awareness Chip	e
Imperial Captain's Awareness Motivator	e
Imperial Captain's Cardio Relay	e
Imperial Captain's Cardio System	e
Imperial Captain's Insight Relay	e
Imperial Captain's Insight System	e
Imperial Captain's Mastery Adaptor	e
Imperial Captain's Mastery Enhancer	e
Imperial Captain's Might Device	e
Imperial Captain's Might Package	e
Imperial Captain's Precision Device	e
Imperial Captain's Precision Package	e
Imperial Captain's Reaction Implant	e
Imperial Captain's Reaction Module	e
Imperial Captain's Reflex Adaptor	e
Imperial Captain's Reflex Enhancer	e
Imperial Captain's Rejuvenation Relay	e
Imperial Captain's Rejuvenation System	e
Imperial Captain's Resistance Implant	e
Imperial Captain's Resistance Module	e
Imperial Captain's Resolve Relay	e
Imperial Captain's Resolve System	e
Imperial Captain's Response Implant	e
Imperial Captain's Response Module	e
Imperial Captain's Skill Device	e
Imperial Captain's Skill Package	e
Imperial Corporal's Awareness Chip	e
Imperial Corporal's Awareness Motivator	e
Imperial Corporal's Mastery Adaptor	e
Imperial Corporal's Mastery Enhancer	e
Imperial Corporal's Might Device	e
Imperial Corporal's Might Package	e
Imperial Corporal's Precision Device	e
Imperial Corporal's Precision Package	e
Imperial Corporal's Reflex Adaptor	e
Imperial Corporal's Reflex Enhancer	e
Imperial Corporal's Resolve Relay	e
Imperial Corporal's Resolve System	e
Imperial Corporal's Skill Device	e
Imperial Corporal's Skill Package	e
Imperial Officer's Sniper Rifle	e
Imperial Operative's Rifle	e
Imperial Tactician's Belt	e
Imperial Tactician's Boots	e
Imperial Tactician's Cap	e
Imperial Tactician's Coat	e
Imperial Tactician's Cuffs	e
Imperial Tactician's Gloves	e
Imperial Tactician's Pants	e
Imperial Technician's Belt	e
Imperial Technician's Boots	e
Imperial Technician's Bracers	e
Imperial Technician's Gloves	e
Imperial Technician's Headset	e
Imperial Technician's Overcoat	e
Imperial Technician's Rifle	e
Imperial Technician's Slacks	e
Interceptor's Belt	e
Interceptor's Boots	e
Interceptor's Bracers	e
Interceptor's Chestguard	e
Interceptor's Facemask	e
Interceptor's Gloves	e
Interceptor's Legguards	e
Interceptor's Lightblade	e
Intercessor's Lightsaber	r
J-111 Rancor Enforcer	e
J-13 Elite Stealth Disintegrator	r
J-9 Fusion-X Needler	e
Jedi Battlelord's Lightsaber	r
Jedi Blademaster's Lightsaber	r
Jedi Promulgator's Cowl	r
Jedi Promulgator's Footwraps	r
Jedi Promulgator's Handwraps	r
Jedi Promulgator's Legwraps	r
Jedi Promulgator's Lightstaff	r
Jedi Promulgator's Robe	r
Jedi Promulgator's Waistwrap	r
Jedi Promulgator's Wristwraps	r
K-116 Huntsman Blaster	e
K-201 Rampage-X Interceptor	e
K-313 Riot Blaster	r
K-406 Combat Ripper	e
K-411 Scout Blaster	r
K-53 Rotary Disruptor	r
K-56 Spec Ops Interceptor	r
K-7 Watchman Blaster Pistol	e
L-403 Micro-pulse Interceptor	e
Legwraps of Dark Demise	e
Legwraps of Invigorating Assault	e
Legwraps of the Eclipse	r
Legwraps of the Warden	r
Lightsaber of Avenging Wrath	e
Lightsaber of Battle Judgment	e
Lightsaber of Dark Promise	e
Lightsaber of Eldritch Force	r
Lightsaber of Elusive Defense	e
Lightsaber of Enduring Battle	r
Lightsaber of Nimble Defense	r
Lightsaber of Nimble Deflection	r
Lightsaber of Obscure Defense	r
Lightsaber of Retribution	e
Lightsaber of Unyielding Battle	e
Lower Robe of Dark Promise	e
Lower Robe of Solar Wrath	r
Lower Robe of the Force Nimbus	r
N-300 Night Hunter Sniper Rifle	e
Nova Saberstaff	e
Omenbringer's Lightsaber	r
P-301 Assault Disruptor	e
P-7 Military Enforcer	r
Privateer's Cap	r
Privateer's Leggings	r
Privateer's Longboots	r
Privateer's Loot Belt	r
Privateer's Overcoat	r
Privateer's Pistol	r
Privateer's Plunderers	r
Privateer's Wristguards	r
Prospective Sith's Lightsaber	e
Pulse-Wave Holdout	e
Raider's Glory Belt	e
Raider's Glory Boots	e
Raider's Glory Bracers	e
Raider's Glory Chestguard	e
Raider's Glory Gloves	e
Raider's Glory Helm	e
Raider's Glory Legguards	e
Raider's Glory Lightsaber	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Belt	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Boots	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Bracers	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Gloves	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Headgear	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Jacket	e
RD-05A Close Quarters Leggings	e
RD-05A Spider Belt	r
RD-05A Spider Boots	r
RD-05A Spider Bracers	r
RD-05A Spider Gloves	r
RD-05A Spider Headgear	r
RD-05A Spider Jacket	r
RD-05A Spider Leggings	r
RD-15A Imperial Assault Belt	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Body Armor	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Boots	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Bracers	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Gauntlets	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Helmet	e
RD-15A Imperial Assault Legplates	e
RD-15A Raptor Belt	e
RD-15A Raptor Boots	e
RD-15A Raptor Chestguard	e
RD-15A Raptor Gauntlets	e
RD-15A Raptor Greaves	e
RD-15A Raptor Helmet	e
RD-15A Raptor Vambraces	e
Recon Sidearm	e
Republic Captain's Awareness Chip	r
Republic Captain's Awareness Motivator	r
Republic Captain's Cardio Relay	r
Republic Captain's Cardio System	r
Republic Captain's Insight Relay	r
Republic Captain's Insight System	r
Republic Captain's Mastery Adaptor	r
Republic Captain's Mastery Enhancer	r
Republic Captain's Might Device	r
Republic Captain's Might Package	r
Republic Captain's Precision Device	r
Republic Captain's Precision Package	r
Republic Captain's Reaction Implant	r
Republic Captain's Reaction Module	r
Republic Captain's Reflex Adaptor	e
Republic Captain's Reflex Enhancer	e
Republic Captain's Rejuvenation Relay	r
Republic Captain's Rejuvenation System	r
Republic Captain's Resistance Implant	r
Republic Captain's Resistance Module	r
Republic Captain's Resolve Relay	r
Republic Captain's Resolve System	r
Republic Captain's Response Implant	r
Republic Captain's Response Module	r
Republic Captain's Skill Device	r
Republic Captain's Skill Package	r
Republic Corporal's Awareness Chip	r
Republic Corporal's Awareness Motivator	r
Republic Corporal's Mastery Adaptor	r
Republic Corporal's Mastery Enhancer	r
Republic Corporal's Might Device	r
Republic Corporal's Might Package	r
Republic Corporal's Precision Device	r
Republic Corporal's Precision Package	r
Republic Corporal's Reflex Adaptor	e
Republic Corporal's Reflex Enhancer	e
Republic Corporal's Resolve Relay	r
Republic Corporal's Resolve System	r
Republic Corporal's Skill Device	r
Republic Corporal's Skill Package	r
Riposte Polesaber	r
Ritzy Rogue Hat	r
Robe of Dark Demise	e
Robe of Dark Promise	e
Robe of Invigorating Assault	e
Robe of the Eclipse	r
Robe of the Force Nimbus	r
Robe of the Warden	r
Rogue's Belt	r
Rogue's Bracers	r
Rogue's Gloves	r
Rogue's Shin Boots	r
Roguish Holdout Blaster	r
Roguish Longcoat	r
Saber Initiate's Lightsaber	r
Saber Savant's Lightsaber	r
Saberstaff of Nightmares	r
Sash of Dark Demise	e
Sash of Dark Promise	e
Sash of Solar Wrath	r
Sash of the Force Nimbus	r
Shadow Strider's Saberstaff	r
Shrouded Knight's Belt	r
Shrouded Knight's Blade	r
Shrouded Knight's Boots	r
Shrouded Knight's Bracers	r
Shrouded Knight's Gloves	r
Shrouded Knight's Hood	r
Shrouded Knight's Lower Robe	r
Shrouded Knight's Robe	r
Sith Battlelord's Lightsaber	e
Sith Blademaster's Lightsaber	e
Sith Warden's Lightsaber	e
SLI-28 Rotary Sniper Rifle	e
Solar Wrath Lightsaber	r
Tawdry Knavish Leggings	r
TD-05A Panther Armguards	e
TD-05A Panther Belt	e
TD-05A Panther Boots	e
TD-05A Panther Gloves	e
TD-05A Panther Headgear	e
TD-05A Panther Jacket	e
TD-05A Panther Leggings	e
TD-15A Centurion Belt	r
TD-15A Centurion Body Armor	r
TD-15A Centurion Boots	r
TD-15A Centurion Bracers	r
TD-15A Centurion Gauntlets	r
TD-15A Centurion Helmet	r
TD-15A Centurion Leggings	r
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Belt	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Body Armor	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Boots	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Bracers	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Gauntlets	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Helmet	e
TD-15A Pyro-Tech Leggings	e
TH-05A Scoundrel Belt	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Boots	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Bracers	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Gloves	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Headgear	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Leggings	r
TH-05A Scoundrel Suit	r
TH-05A War Medic Belt	e
TH-05A War Medic Boots	e
TH-05A War Medic Bracers	e
TH-05A War Medic Gloves	e
TH-05A War Medic Headgear	e
TH-05A War Medic Leggings	e
TH-05A War Medic Suit	e
TH-15A Medic Belt	e
TH-15A Medic Body Armor	e
TH-15A Medic Boots	e
TH-15A Medic Bracers	e
TH-15A Medic Gauntlets	e
TH-15A Medic Helmet	e
TH-15A Medic Legplates	e
TH-15A Patrol Belt	r
TH-15A Patrol Body Armor	r
TH-15A Patrol Boots	r
TH-15A Patrol Bracers	r
TH-15A Patrol Gauntlets	r
TH-15A Patrol Helmet	r
TH-15A Patrol Legplates	r
TT-15A Coercion Belt	e
TT-15A Coercion Body Armor	e
TT-15A Coercion Boots	e
TT-15A Coercion Bracers	e
TT-15A Coercion Gauntlets	e
TT-15A Coercion Helmet	e
TT-15A Coercion Legplates	e
TT-15A Republic Assault Belt	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Body Armor	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Boots	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Bracers	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Gauntlets	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Helmet	r
TT-15A Republic Assault Legplates	r
Turrethead Armguards	e
Turrethead Assault Cannon	r
Turrethead Chest Cage	e
Turrethead Gauntlets	e
Turrethead Girdle	e
Turrethead Greaves	e
Turrethead Helmet	e
Turrethead Treads	e
U-113 Rancor-X Blaster	e
U-216 Renegade Enforcer	e
U-403 Military Incinerator	r
Underworld Blaster	r
Underworld Business Belt	r
Underworld Business Coat	r
Underworld Business Cuffs	r
Underworld Business Gloves	r
Underworld Business Hat	r
Underworld Business Shoes	r
Underworld Business Slacks	r
V-201 Heavy Repeating Rifle	r
V-211 Rampage Interceptor	r
V-311 Rotary Sniper	e
V-413 Military Assault Cannon	r
Vanquisher's Armguards	r
Vanquisher's Belt	r
Vanquisher's Boots	r
Vanquisher's Chestguard	r
Vanquisher's Greaves	r
Vanquisher's Handgear	r
Vanquisher's Headgear	r
Vestments of Solar Wrath	r
Waistwrap of Invigorating Assault	e
Waistwrap of the Eclipse	r
Waistwrap of the Warden	r
War Menace's Lightsaber	e
Warborn Saberstaff	e
Warforged Lightsaber	r
Warrior Vindicator's Lightsaber	e
Watcher's Armguards	r
Watcher's Armored Girdle	r
Watcher's Armored Robes	r
Watcher's Cowl	r
Watcher's Gauntlets	r
Watcher's Kneeboots	r
Watcher's Lightsaber	r
Watcher's Lightweight Greaves	r
Wayward Wizard's Blade	r
Z-1 Huntsman Carbine	e
Z-13 Huntsman Disintegrator	e
Z-303 Rotary Crusader	r
Z-311 Particle Beam Shrieker	r
Z-311 Sonic Blaster Pistol	r
Z-403 Sentry Projector	r

kreeshak's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 01:13 AM | #5
zoopercat, what would really help people like me is to know where the item or mod comes from. Who sells drops it or if it is a mission reward.

ascerri's Avatar

05.16.2013 , 09:14 PM | #6
It's on curosant in the market on the right as u walk out of the spaceport. Vender guy;s name is Tephan