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Whats the nicest thing youve done for another player

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Whats the nicest thing youve done for another player
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03.21.2012 , 02:13 PM | #51
Just the other night my guild and I went to get the +10 datacron. We already had our Sorcerer up there, and were bringing a few alts in to pick it up, when we saw some random player exploring the museum. So we invited him to our group, and pulled him up to the datacron.

sang's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 02:25 PM | #52
Some stuff I've done:
  • Give 100k+ credits to a several non-guildies
  • Bring players with me as I solo daily heroics so they can earn the commendations
  • Give away the Q22 armoring and mods from dailies to several players
  • Give away unused biochem mats
  • Helped a lot of people with leveling quests - too many to remember
  • Helped other random healing operatives with gear/itemization suggestions and instructions
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03.21.2012 , 02:29 PM | #53
The very existence of this thread is a bad joke. Seriously. A thread dedicated to patting yourself on the back for performing an unselfish deed does nothing but take away from the deed itself. kudos for being helpful, but this is really REALLY sad.

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03.21.2012 , 02:31 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post
I have given someone 100k, helped with the usual class quests when some ask for help and even gave 500k to one lucky winner! Yes, 500k!

So it made me wonder what other acts of good will others have done.
I will not troll, but before open such thread, define what means 'nice' and 'fairplay' many players around all the mmo on the market kinda forgot and have no idea what that means.
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03.21.2012 , 02:31 PM | #55
I've taken the time to explain things in detail for new players, such as game mechanics, game preferences, and/or class specifics that I could answer. I like helping people out in the game, for one thing it means a better game community and to be a bit selfish if I can help someone become a better player that's one more good player for me to group with.

Vlakrar's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 02:34 PM | #56
About 2 month ago (before announced changes) I ran 2 groups of random people through getting their Magenta crystal....From getting the water/buff/crystal to making it for them.

Made a few people's day
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03.21.2012 , 02:37 PM | #57
I ran around soloing a bunch of the lower world bosses on my 50 tank and gave away all the purples that dropped to random people in the area. Other than that I pretty much keep my generosity in the guild.
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AGSThomas's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 02:40 PM | #58
I kill the heroic world boss on Dromund Kaas and the surrounding champions for the blues and purples (I'm looking for a specific item) the I do a /who and msg people asking if they would like to have said purple.

I've also /beckon people to follow me to a nearby datacron
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Entropicus's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 02:47 PM | #59
Gank someone till almost dead and vanish then tell them to think about the rest of their life with the time I have given them. I will be watching.
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KEKHAN's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 03:02 PM | #60
I usually give out stims on flashpoints if I have them and they dont. And I buy them not make them.

I've also given out top quality enhancements or focus's if I see they have poor ones.