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Choose Your Side: Smuggler vs. Sith Warrior

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Choose Your Side: Smuggler vs. Sith Warrior
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12.16.2011 , 03:43 PM | #11
Its all about who better knows their class in PvP. Classes in game are quite balanced with each other. If you are like clicking your abilities with mouse, standing for 1-2 seconds not sure what to do or waiting for some ability to recover you'll definitely lose to a guy with some Razer nano who is always on the move and who's abilities are bound to every finger on his hands. Then there is always level and equipment that play role, but in PvP its all about knowing your class, coordination of your abilities and sometimes luck... ahem force.

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12.16.2011 , 03:50 PM | #12
A hard choice, since both Vader and Solo are my favorite char in the SW universe

Quote: Originally Posted by Viconiuz View Post
All EU servers are now FULL and there are long queues. Are you guys gonna create a new RP-PvP server for the EU anytime soon?
Back in topic?
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12.16.2011 , 03:52 PM | #13

Just dirty kick those angsty teenage twilight wannabes.
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12.16.2011 , 03:58 PM | #14
Sith Warrior offcourse, Force Choke the Smuggler until he's dead.
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12.16.2011 , 03:59 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaileen View Post
Back in topic?
I know. Just wanted them to see it. I'll edit it as soon as we get new servers
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12.16.2011 , 04:08 PM | #16
I thought scatterguns could only be used from behind? Video has him shooting it from the front a couple times. I wish that was how it worked. But maybe there's something other than back blast and shoot first?

Raximillian's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 04:09 PM | #17
Ok, you heard it there. "Smuggler always shoots first". Han Solo was a smuggler, so he shot first. No more doubts there.

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12.16.2011 , 04:19 PM | #18
I love how they keep pimping the Saber Throw in the video, but Marauders can't get it (except in the tiny 10meter range variety.)
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12.16.2011 , 04:52 PM | #19
2nd page!!!!

Sith warrior wins duh..
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunkShizzle View Post
Just wonderin how AP is lookin pvp wise
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12.16.2011 , 04:59 PM | #20
Lol, they used an example where the sith was not using dual wield. They did so because if the warrior was indeed dual wielding, the clip would have been pointless as the smuggler doesn't stand a chance against a marrauder.
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