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Combat Sentinel Info (Build, Rotation, Other Info)

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Combat Sentinel Info (Build, Rotation, Other Info)

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03.20.2012 , 06:47 PM | #1
Combat Sentinels can be really fun to play as well as extremely damage effective if played well. Combat is decent at any level for the Knight but truly shines after level 40, when they get their main ability “Blade Rush.”

Here are a couple links that may be useful for you:

I will also add a basic and sample rotation here:

Basic Rotation:

Force Leap
Zealous Strike
Precision Slash
Blade Rush
Blade Storm
Master Stike

Rinse/Repeat (Aside from Force Leap)

CD’s and Utility:

One of the things that really adds to this spec are nicely placed cool downs and utility to get the most out of the spec.

Important CD’s and Utility:

Rebuke (Damage reduction of 20% for up to 30 seconds)
Pacify (Hostile target damage reducer)
Force Stasis (A nice clutch moment ability to stun the target, generate focus and get heals)
Guarded By The Force (Sacrifice 50% health for 99% damage reduction, Clutch ability)
Medpack (Great for using right after Guarded By The Force)
Force Kick (Interrupts enemy casting and channeled abilities)
Heroic Moment (Refreshes CD on Saber Ward)
Disable Droid (Our CC, use on droids if multiples in mobs)

Sample Rotation:

Always make sure to pre-buff with Might Stim and your Force Might class buff.

Force Leap (Gap closer, Stun, Focus Builder)
Force Sweep (Can be used anywhere in your rotation to stun the target or interrupt)
Saber Ward (Use before or during a large incoming damage attack)
Zealous Strike (Generates 6 focus, use “Strike” for an attack or two if this in on CD)
Zen (Always build this by using Blade Rush and spend before using Blade Rush)
Precision Slash (Reduces target armor, use to increase damage on main abilities)
Blade Rush (Your main attack, use Slash until level 40 and use this after level 40)
Blade Storm (Always use when up)
Master Stike (Always use when up)

Sprinkle your various CD's and interrupts where needed through this rotation and watch poetry in motion!

Special Notes:

-Zen is very important to this rotation; always make sure to generate using Blade Rush or Slash, and use whenever possible, or save for hard and elites.

-Stack your damage increasing abilites wherever possible; for example, use Precision Slash immediately following Zen.

-Force Kick is a great interrupt, use it often to interrupt your enemies.

-Have Rebuke, Pacify, Saber Ward, Force Stasis, Medpacks etc available on another hotbar for quick use; they are very handy.

Good Luck!