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SQA (yes, I know, this is a known issue, help me anyway)

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SQA (yes, I know, this is a known issue, help me anyway)

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12.16.2011 , 02:25 PM | #1
Please, PLEASE help.

My husband is currently locked out of his account due to the SQA problems. Every time he resets his pw and tries again, the same thing happens, leading him to believe that he may have forgotten how he worded/spelled his answer. We have both been trying to call the customer service number, but all we get is an automated recording telling us that all agents are busy and to try our call again later, at which point CS hangs up on us. I'm sure you guys are seriously bombarded, but I would rather wait in a two hour queue for an agent than be told to call back "later". Can someone please, please help us? I can provide more information if needed in a private message.

Thank you.
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