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[BUG]Buffing companions pulls packs

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[BUG]Buffing companions pulls packs

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12.16.2011 , 01:41 PM | #1
Thought I'd report a bug I've found.

If you order a companion to attack a pack, they get their weapon out and move in to range. If however once you've given them this order, you buff them (I used Force Armour in my tests) it will instantly pull the pack, even if they aren't in range.

I've tested this quite abit now. First I ordered my companion to attack a pack and DIDN'T buff him. He readied his weapon, moved into range and used his leaping charge ability. The group pulled when he got into normal body pull range. I then went to another pack and, from the same distance as the first pack, ordered my companion to pull again. This time I buffed him with Force Armour just after giving the order. He hadn't moved at all (just readied his weapon, hadn't started running in yet) but the second he got the force armour buff, the whole pack pulled.

Could some other classes try this out using different buffs / abilities?
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