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Looking for a new home - feedback?

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Looking for a new home - feedback?

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12.16.2011 , 01:22 PM | #1
Hey Everyone,

Originally coming from Starsider, I used to play Paine Agarpo - Armorsmith then Jedi. I've joined up with some of the old guilds I recognized, but I'm just not getting the feel for the server yet. The guild I was interested in appears to be solely hardcore PVP.

Starsider was a home for 5+ years, and I was able to get involved in a lot of RP, PVP, PvE and I'm looking for a community that will hopefully transpire into something similar.

I'm leaning towards swapping to Jung Ma as it's the only PVP-RP East server and I think the locked in open PVP may add some challenge and excitement to the game. Dedicated PVP servers tend to have a lot of elitism as well though...I also have some friends coming along who share a similar thought process.

I know a lot of what makes a server a 'home' is the guild you get into as well. So based on how the communities are developing so far (still early I realize) is Jung Ma a worthy place to go, or is there another RP-PVE server that we should look into.

I know the questions are broad - so just looking for some feedback. Thanks!