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Security questions bug and pathetic Customer Service

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Security questions bug and pathetic Customer Service

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12.16.2011 , 01:12 PM | #1
There must be others having this issue:

After logging in and out many times after getting EGA yesterday, I was presented with a security question to complete the log in. After correctly answering the query, I got an incorrect answer message and could not get ingame.

Foolishly, perhaps, I repeated the process and plugged in the correct answer several times to no avail, which then locked my account. So, I tried to log into my EA/Bioware/SWOTR account; of course, that was locked too.

Then, I tried to reset the PW on my account, a process that asked me to answer the same security question that had already bugged out. EPIC FAIL. (Bang head on wall, or for you old school folks, sink Fire Axe deep into terminal.)

Well, I tried calling the the CS "hotline" number, which claims it has reps standing by 24/7 to help and fix problems. Yeah, right.

All I got was an automated message in three languages saying that the security question issue was now resolved, the line then disconnected.

I could not get through to a person--I called at least ten times, if only to satisfy my growing sense that there would not be a person to answer my call. I do realize that there could be multitudes of folks like me flooding the line with calls.

Still, this is poor and it has hugely soured my SWOTR experience from day 1.5.

Maybe I have been lucky, but in the 10+ years I have been involved with online gaming (UO,, DAOC, AC. EQ, EQ2, SWG, Lotro, I have never come close to experiencing such a ridiculous, annoying, angering, and depressing "catch 22ish" problem.

Early Game Access has turned to Early Game Denial of Access. LOVE IT!

I appreciate the need for stronger account secruity, especially after what happened to SONY (fortunately, I had no active accounts with them when it hit) and others.

However, when the system ends up denying access to licensed users with valid accounts and there seems to be no way to easily resolve the problem...

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12.16.2011 , 01:14 PM | #2
*Claps* You don't know how much I agree, I have been waiting since 7:00 AM EST Today to wait for a fix on the no logging in error. Yet I have not even gotten a response from the thread I posted

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12.16.2011 , 02:24 PM | #3

I finally got through on the toll-free Customer Service line in the sense that I have been on hold waiting for the next "available representative" for about an hour. Given all of the issues posted in the CS thread, I sure am glad I am not working the phones there at this moment!

For those with similar problems, tt appears that once an account is locked it can only be unlocked by talking to a CS rep. If you don't have the ability to stay on the phone in an hours-long queue, who knows when you'll be back ingame.


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I wish that gave some solace...

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12.16.2011 , 02:35 PM | #4
My husband is having the same problem, and is ready to go through the roof about this. This is terrible, terrible service. I would have expected something like this from SOE, but not BW. This has not been "resolved" and it is a huge source of frustration for all of the players affected by this problem. What is the point of early access - or even having ordered the game to begin with - if we can't play?

Terrible, terrible, terrible job. You will lose a lot of players at a very crucial point in the game if this isn't addressed immediately.
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12.16.2011 , 02:44 PM | #5
YEH! my friend need to get his security questions answers now and he cant cause customer service just SUX so much?...... oh my got why there is only solution to call for it? we need to try ill all time ind it costs 1 euro for 1 minute to GB from CZ.... so ill try it 100 time than ill pay 100 euro? are u really kidding?...... make some other solution NOW guys, cause thats horrible!

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12.16.2011 , 02:56 PM | #6
After an hour and some minutes patiently waiting in the phone queue, all the while listening to the endless music loop followed by the not-so-cute-now droid voice loop,


Being the patient, light-sided person I am, I called back; but, alas, the queue is so full that no calls are being taken.



You can imagine that if I were in danger of moving to the Dark Side, this could be one of those truly defining moments on a path to a greater understanding of things some might call unnatural.

Incidentally, the walls to my apartment just exploded and all the windows sprayed fractured glass, sunset light glinting through the billions of particles for hundreds of yards, my eyes now turned yellow, and wait! there is a security perimeter around my building in NYC--check it out live on CNN. Just kidding, of course.


Trying to keep a sense of humor and perspecitve given the apparently HUGE numbers of other people having miserable experiences as well. That is no consolation at all.

And yet,

Now I really am bummed out.

From what I have seen of the game through several beta experiences and about 10 hours in from EGA, Bioware made a game-changing (pun intended) and wonderful online translation of the Star Wars universe. Fairly amazing in many ways.

What a shame for such a wonderful thing to be brought so low for so many so quickly.

[BTW: this is my first complaint thread across 12 years and numerous games. Sad it is.]