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1.2 is a spit in the face of Vanguards, and a buff to the OP sentinels

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1.2 is a spit in the face of Vanguards, and a buff to the OP sentinels

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03.20.2012 , 06:40 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by Gadacus View Post
Ok so i dont know if anyone else has, but reading this 9 page thread sucks, but i thought id add my input.

First off, i am mainly a PvE player, not much PvP, so i wont address any pvp stuff but for pve, i run pure SS, and i also use Energy Blast, so far i really dig the build, have no complaints (bc for 1 its a game, i play for fun, and relaxation after i get home from RL work). But to address some of this Shield decreases, it does bit a bit of a nail in the side for Ceramic Plating, but then i hope it, in the long run, will pay off bc of the change with Power Screen.

Also, in my opinion, dont understand why another class has been brought into a Trooper discussion, i know it sucks seeing some classes getting buffed, while others de-buffed, but why even discuss it? Maybe its because it's unfair, you say? Well im sure this isnt the 1st un fair thing that has happened to anyone in their own life, certainly isnt for me.

Lastly, from my experience, EVERYONE hates complainers, some say it may work, but IMO, why stoop to a lvl to where people just annoy the heck out each other, to the point where its like a bunch of "High School Girls" gossiping about everyone.

I appologize if this starts any further discussion, or continues a troll. I just might be a small fish in a big pond with how i feel, but its imo, complaining like this that really kill the game for everyone. In my 9 pages ive seen no progress, just a never ending pissing contest of a class thats not even a trooper.

Nerfs=Change, Change=oppurtunity for a new growth and deeper understanding. We are all gamers right? Why not take on a new challenge, instead of quitting because "Its not worth it"

Thank your for your time
Good post, and agree.
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