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Marauder PvP Series

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03.16.2012 , 11:55 PM | #1
So, we all love PvP(even if you don't say yes or it's [Savage Kick] to the throat)
Well, I'm kicking off a 100+ episode series on Warzones, which should become more interesting as of patch 1.2. Each episode will feature a particular artist and showcase my grind to Battlemaster and beyond.

I am not currently taking requests for featured artists, but will probably end up doing so after episode 25+. We'll see. Thanks guys, good luck, and happy patch 1.2

You can catch my channel here:

I will update this thread as episodes come out(frequently):

Warzone Series Episode 0:

Warzone Series Episode 1:
Demineaux Destro
<Bumani Corporation>

-Syth Wyrm Server-