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Flashpoint Hard Mode - DPS check

Reavana's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 10:03 PM | #1
Our guild is just starting to do Hard Mode Flashpoints, and we have yet to finish any of them, but all wipes are coming on Enrage mobs. This is a clue to me that the DPS is the weak link at this point.

Is there a mob/set of mobs in game that are a good guild to the proper amount of DPS that needs to be done? We just need to know if our dps is hitting hard/fast enough to do damage. Our stats SEEM ok compared to others, but is there a place to work on rotations and such that would work.

In other words, where is a good testing ground / time trial that would give us a chance to practice.

NotDonnaReed's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 11:31 PM | #2
In my opinion the best DPS check is the robot boss in Taral V. There are no adds to worry about, and there's very little moving other than stepping out of the red circles. With such simple mechanics, your DPS can just go to town. If you hit the enrage timer, it probably means they're not geared enough, they're not specced correctly, they're using a suboptimal rotation, or they're not managing cooldowns.

**Also, make sure the tank is pulling enough threat. Tanks seem a bit underpowered relative to DPS at the moment, and it's easy for DPS to pull aggro. Coach the DPS to ramp up slowly and use their threat dump. Coach the tank to do the opposite. Make sure the tank puts Guard on the highest or squishiest DPS.**

Having said that, I think Kaon Under Siege is a much better starter hard mode. My guild farmed that several times before we branched out to others. While the bosses and trash mobs in Kaon have more complex mechanics, it seems that the enrage timers are easier to beat. (If you struggle with the giant rakghoul boss, you can activate the turrets via the bonus quest, and the turrets will help you down the boss.) The final boss in Kaon doesn't one-shot people if he enrages, so you still have a little more time.

Good luck!