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Loot Rules/Etiquette

Residentx_NA's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 08:06 PM | #1
I've played this game since day one but I play it a few time a month 1 or 2 hours a week.
Once a month I play 4-5 hours to make up the deficit so I can keep my characters moving forward. I have 2 sith inquisitors and 2 jedi consulars.

I was playing this week and did a flashpoint. I think it was the esseles. I rarely get to team but this time I posted for invites. This flashpoint lasted about 2 hours due to lag and other things.

During the game, some of the players complained about me taking all the loot. I didn't say anything at first but then they kept on ranting and I finally replied. I swear when I played this game in the beginning the loot was personal. That means that if I killed it NO ONE could get my loot. Was it this way or was I just dreaming?

Next, this I know for sure but when you get group loot you get to roll or something for it. You can select "Need" or "Greed." How does this affect the outcome? I hate to make enemies in this game but this flashpoint was horrible and I couldn't wait for it end so I could go back to the real world.

I love this game and I'm selling it hard to my friends but I don't want to create enemies figting over loot all the time. If we fight over loot everyone will complain and be unhappy during the game.

I have so little time to play this game. What is the proper attitude in this situation? I mean I know sure as hell they be telling me to screw off if they happened to be catching all the breaks but I didn't say that during the game. The selfishness of people never amazes me.

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03.16.2012 , 08:19 PM | #2
The rule of thumb is to need only on upgrades for yourself and greed otherwise. Honestly if they thought you were looting everything, they should explain things first. People forget sometimes that people may be new and such. Just remember that for next time, need if it's an upgrade for you, and greed otherwise. Also group rolls on green/blune and purples. Everything else you loot is trash and goes to whoever gets to loot it. They really shouldn't get mad over trash and all credits are divided amoung the group.
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03.16.2012 , 08:21 PM | #3
For the millionth time

NEED = Only use it if you really need it. That is, your character can use it and it is better than what you are wearing.

GREED = You want it, but only if nobody else needs it (greed rolls will be rolled if there are no need rolls). Choose this if you want to sell it for example.

PASS = dont want it at all in any case

Anything that does not directly fit into these categories, you need to talk to your group with to see when it is ok to need.

If you click need on everything when the rest of the group is not ok with it, you may make enemies and get kicked out of groups and put to ignore so you dont ever get invited again.

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03.16.2012 , 08:22 PM | #4
Need = I can use that item as an upgrade to what I am wearing right now

Greed = I'll take it, but I may not need it, or my Companion can use it as an upgrade

Pass = I don't want it

Another thing is if you need it for a companion upgrade you ASK the other people if you can Need for your Companion

Pretty basic, but there posters here who claim they will just Need it for their Companion as they would for themselves.

Just remember that Everyone gets a Companion that can use most any item that drops as loot in the game. How would you like to roll with someone like that? I won't.

Now if you were rolling Greed and won all the drops, that's just they way it happens sometimes. It's not cheating, Greed rolls are chance like dice (RNG) and you were just on a lucky streak.
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03.16.2012 , 08:23 PM | #5
When you are soloing, any loot that drops off of the mobs you kill is exclusively yours. When you are in a group, any loot that drops off of the mobs that are killed is available to everyone in the group.

Kind of one of those "share the work, share the spoils" things.

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03.16.2012 , 08:32 PM | #6
These comments are interesting. Do other players really stop and talk during the game about loot? I find the chat tool clumsy. Using it interferes with my ability to play.

I'll read these comments again tomorrow. I'm sorry this is for the millionith time but the game is so poorly documented, these kinds of questions will come up regularly I'm sure. I mean I've played two flashpoints since I joined the game. This first was on the sith side and this one was on the jedi side. My progress in the game is slow I have no problems admitting that....but I won't keep doing flashpoints if all they are rantfests.

Maybe I better just do the solo stuff and wait for my friends to come to the game. Also, I was mostly doing greedy during the game so I'm pleased about that but I still don't know why the complaints. Maybe I just played with some really young players who play all day.
One of the players asked if I lived in China. They were so impatient.

Honestly, if I had one complain about this game is I really wish they would find a way to make the environment less heavy so they load quicker. I play now during mornings EST and I wait 2 mins for the "twinkle" so I can move my player when I'm playing during the game. This is just annoying and kills me when I'm doing the flashpoints.

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03.16.2012 , 08:34 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Residentx_NA View Post
During the game, some of the players complained about me taking all the loot.
Maybe they had a good reason to complain, if you need rolled everything, even items you cant use. Most people have a problem with that.

The selfishness of people never amazes me.
But it does amaze me.

Why would you take something you cant even use at all, if grouped with someone else who could have used it?

Don't press need on items you dont need

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03.16.2012 , 08:36 PM | #8
Nothing wrong with the chat system in game -- hit enter, type, hit enter; what more do you want? It even defaults to group when you join one, that's about as easy as it gets.

Gray and white items are only for you. If you see the character has something like credits or vendor trash, you're the only one seeing it so feel free to grab it. By default, anything green or higher will pop up a need/green window. Use the need/green guidelines others have set forth. If you were just looting whites/grays, then you were with lousy people if they complained about it. If you were winning every greed roll, well that's just luck.

What twinkle are you talking about? Do you have poor performance and framerates? That could be causing a lot of your issues.

Residentx_NA's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 08:36 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Eternalnight View Post
Maybe they had a good reason to complain, if you need rolled everything, even items you cant use. Most people have a problem with that.

But it does amaze me.

Why would you take something you cant even use at all, if grouped with someone else who could have used it?

Don't press need on items you dont need
I cannot possibly take "everything", ok?

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03.16.2012 , 08:37 PM | #10
When I'm playing this game during the flashpoints, I don't stop and look at my inventory to see what I need and don't need. I need xp not crap!! If I stop and take too long someone else will take it...this is just how it is...I grab it and sort it out at the end of the flashpoint. This interrupts the game play...the reason I'm here. I really wish they would just autoloot like COH and be done with this....