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What to do when the class quest is bugged ?

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What to do when the class quest is bugged ?

Fulgan's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 09:50 AM | #1
Hello everyone,

I was wondering what to do when your class quest is bugged. I had this happened to me some times ago and the answer from support was really unhelpful. I managed to "unbreak the quest" by resetting it and redoing it on my own but I now have a friend with a similar (but different) issue.

He's stuck on his class quest as a BH because he needs to get into a shuttle and the game just disconnects when he zones. He has opened several tickets but all he heard back was "it will be fixed in the next patch". Well, we are one patch and one (really painful) unexpected downtime during prime time later and he is still stuck.

He is starting to lose patience with this and I can understand him. Apparently, going through the in-game help system doesn't get him anywhere so what can he do ? I suggested he comes over here and post about that himself but his level of English makes it a bit hard for him and, frankly, this kind of situation really bugs me: it really shouldn't happen for someone to be stuck on his class quest for so long.

So what should he do ? Call Bioware ? PM a GM in this forum ? Throw a fit, write a long hateful post about how Bioware support is bad (that's the polite version) before canceling and moving to another game ?

Zogbert's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 08:47 PM | #2
Based upon what I've been experiencing (now dealing with 4 characters with class quests), I think you should expect them to completely ignore you. Perhaps if you are lucky your issue will be fixed in a future patch.

Bioware seems unwilling to actually fix individual issues (i.e. by advancing them PAST the buggy code).

Tatebomb's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 08:57 PM | #3
I feel your pain. A large source of my credit making just died since I can't send any of my guys on crew missions anymore. I got a yeah we know it's broke. Not inspiring. If it's not fixed very soon i will /unsub.