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I've Heard Sage Survivability In 50 PvP Sucks

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I've Heard Sage Survivability In 50 PvP Sucks

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03.16.2012 , 12:38 AM | #1
Is this true because I love mine atm but I'd rather not get roflsmashed at 50

Dahalag's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 05:49 AM | #2
Semi-true. If you are targetted and zerged down against people who know what they are doing you can go down fast. But if you know how to cc properly/position yourself/playing with people who know what they are doing staying alive is not a problem.

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03.16.2012 , 06:08 AM | #3
Depends on how well geared you are. I just got to 50 as an Assassin, not a lot of gear. When alone, I can't kill a decently geared sage. Hardly make a dent. Best I can do is follow him around and make him heal himself and not anyone else.

Then again, if I get 1 or 2 more people the Sage doesn't have a chance as it should be. Survivability is high for Sages.
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03.16.2012 , 06:31 AM | #4
As a sorc its pretty simple, stay in max range, utilize cc and run with team mates that know how to peel. Don't quit because baddies cry about survivabillity, they're like Zomg I can't kill a Marauder when I'm not shielded and I'm standing toe to toe with him, that's definitly not how sorc/sage should be played. If you know what you're doing you ll be allright buddy
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03.16.2012 , 06:40 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Implemented View Post
Is this true because I love mine atm but I'd rather not get roflsmashed at 50
You heard wrong. Don't listen to bads, and take everything you read on the pvp forums with a grain of salt.

Sure you're going to be squishy at first when you have no gear... but what class isn't? It gets better as you get more expertise though.
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IndisSeadreamer's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 08:05 AM | #6
I'd say Sage survivability has a lot more to do with playstyle than gear and CD's.

It's about learning not to get hit - rather than to mitigate damage.

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03.16.2012 , 08:08 AM | #7
Having guard on you and moving with a group changes everything in regards to Sage survival too.

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03.16.2012 , 05:35 PM | #8
It depends on what spec you are that greatly influences how long you can take a beating. If you're Seer specced you can almost always live unless you get stun locked or mobbed.

I play as 0/23/18 and I can almost always survive one on one, if not escape. Sometimes it can be difficult but can be done. 2v1 your best bet is to run and spam shield as often as possible.

It is very difficult to survive right out of the bat when you hit 50. You'll quickly see results as you start to up your expertise tho.

RobNightfall's Avatar

03.16.2012 , 09:02 PM | #9
For the most part sages have really good survivability. I know, as a kin specced shadow, I can usually kill sorcerers fairly easy because I can deal with the damage they dish out, so tanks may be the sage's weakness (or I may just have a knack for killings sorcs).
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03.18.2012 , 12:23 AM | #10
every descent stealth player will kill a Sage if they open from stealth every time.

The only way the Sage can survive is if they are speced deep Kinetics with the AE CC when bubble breaks and the KD root.

All the other builds including healer builds will get owned by any good Operative/Assassin.

Now consider 1.2 when the Juggernaut/Marauder will Force Charge and stun you twice for 4sec and keep you perma snared for 50% and if speced in shared tree will root you with the extra charge!

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