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The Taris Chronicles: Evil Occurance

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The Taris Chronicles: Evil Occurance

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03.14.2012 , 06:49 PM | #1
The Taris Chronicles
Book One: Evil Occurence

Joel Raxon. 42 years, male Mirialan
Dressen Powers. 39 years, male Mirialan
Cody Myers. 49 years, male Human
Lex Sortia. 28 years, male Human
Jahavid Messa, 53 years, male Twi-Lek
Dorn, 25 years, male, Human, Sith Apprentice
Alisha Anderson, 36 years, female Human, Republic Commander
Don Pillet, 43 years, male Human, Republic Sargent

Chapter I

The sinister winds pounded against the tattered and squeaky wooden door that served as a meager excuse for a door in the dilapidated Cantina located in the small, some might say insignificant, Lytle outpost on Taris. Although relatively close on a global scale to the common spaceport of the republic restoration zone, the area received few customers other than an occasional brave soul willing to venture to the outpost. Despite the constant threat of Rakghoul attacks and even the occasional presence of the sith empire, the small settlement had a very remitted, relaxed atmosphere that a choice few held dear. Joel Raxon was one of those people; he opened the Twittering Leku Cantina ten standard years ago, because he imagined a restored area and bright future for the former cityscape planet. After many years of almost no progress near his location, he gave up on the idea. Convinced Taris would never be restored. Things actually made sense to him now, as long as the Rakghoul’s, along with numerous other problems, remain; nothing was going to get done on the planet Taris. It simply is just too much for anyone to handle.

His thoughts were interrupted by a crashing sound outside the windowless, dank, Cantina. The winds outside continued to howl at a chilling constant. With the winds breezing sending a fresh chill into the building, Joel almost didn’t register someone tapping him on the shoulder; it was his old and loyal customer, Dressen Powers. Like himself, Dressen was Mirialan, yet their general evening crowd was Human and Twi-Lek.

“Can I help you with another drink old friend?” Guessing what Dressen wanted became increasingly easy. Receiving the drink with a warm smile, he replied “Of course, who wouldn’t want an ale to warm oneself on this dastardly night?” Joel noticed the only other three people in the Cantina playing a casual game of sabbak in the back of the room, away from any windows. He decided a little happiness to contrast against the bleak night. “A round on the house gentleman?” The group stirred suddenly at the chance of a free round.
“Oh yeah of course.” The trio managed mumbled thank you’s.

Through all the years, the Twittering Leku was known for its hospitable service along with the finest home-brewed ale on the planet. If only more knew about his business, then he could certainly earn more. But it came back to the problems Taris constantly had, no one would be willing to lose their lives for some ale, good or bad. The trio of Sabbak players bad their way lazily to a barstool as it now began to rain with dark, menacing clouds. The exterior patio deck had suffered through the years of lack of treatment against water damage. Metal surfaces had to be cleaned of rust regularly. Joel slid the drinks down to the four customers. “Ghastly weather we have don’t we?” he offered.

The Human nearest to him, Cody, nodded in concurrence. “Worst I’ve seen in a long time. It seems to reflect the state of the galaxy right now. Dark, dangerous, hopeless.” Cody was an ex-republic soldier. He knew the horrors of war. If that was what he thought, it meant something. “Still, not all is lost. Hope is objective; it’s there even if you believe it’s not. We must trust the republic and the Jedi will get us out of this mess just like they did 300 years ago.” Lex Sortia was a young and hopeful man, much like Joel once was. For some reason, he hoped more than anything this bright young man would have a long and prosperous life.

“How would you know? Have you been there?” Jahavid, the third Sabbak player now broke his own silence. “Can’t you see this is a new enemy? An old enemy that neither the republic nor the Jedi have not faced. The treaty balances powers between the two factions so that neither will get too much power. The Treaty of Coruscant was good.” Joel knew Jahavid’s past only vaguely; through stories and what not. But he heard Jahavid lived most of his life in the outer rim, far from the republic and its laws, likely in contempt for them. “The Jedi have no desire for power, only order.” Lex countered. “Is that what the Jedi order told you?” The tension broke between them when Cody nudged the two away from each other. “Come on Jahavid, just because you lost the most money in Sabbak doesn’t mean you get a free rant. Let’s just settle down” The older Twi-Lek stayed tense for a moment but then softened.
“Sorry Lex, get a little ‘hardcore’ when talking war and politics. You’re a great card player too. Natural talent I suppose.” Lex chuckled in turn, patting Jahavid on the back. No worries, it’s mostly stuff we can do nothing about anyways, Sabbak is just a random game. Everyone has their moments in it. You’ll win big someday.” Dressen now stepped in.

“Well until then, we are going to call it quits. I think we should tell stories from our own experiences to pass the time. Best story gets fifty creds.” Everyone looked at each other and nodded at Joel to go first. He shrugged in compliance, thinking up one of his old experiences at his beloved Cantina. “Alright, I think I have one you guys might like, it happened five years ago.”

It was a sunny midafternoon and the Twittering Leku was filled with the usual customer, I believe you were there Dressen. So everyone was having a drink when suddenly a huge, dark red Rakghoul was seen across the street of the Cantina, ravaging a shop for food. Republic soldiers lay dead at the outpost entrance at the top of the street. No one stood to stop the abhorrent monster. People ran in terror and I realized I had to do something. “Guys, free drinks for anyone who helps me send that Rakghoul to hell! I suppose I spoke rather charismatically because everyone raised their blasters and vibroblades in hand and leaping off tables on the patio deck and knocking chairs down to stop the monster. We took it by surprise and quickly got its attention. Running as fast as it could, it headed straight for me. I thought I was a goner, but not without giving up a fight. I put a well-placed shot in its right eye and slid under it while he attempted to recover. By then the others leaped on the Rakghoul with their vibroblades and killed it. Not a single person was killed and everyone cheered for me. I felt so proud of myself I was nearly speechless until good old Dressen stood up for me. “I have an idea! Let’s give our good pal Joel something he will remember.” Of course, everyone heartily agreed and went to the nearest hunting shop to get me a new carbine. They also hung up in my Cantina the fangs of that very same Rakghoul. Too this day, if you look up over the wine cabinets behind the bar behind me, you can see the fangs there. It just goes to show how generous the people living in the Lytle outpost can be. To this day, the people back at the main settlement call me Red Rack Raxon.

Joel looked and saw everyone observing the fangs he just chronicled about, taking notice they were right above him. He took quick notice the winds began to pick up and the rain became so thick that you could only six feet outside of the Cantina. After a few minutes of observing the weather, Cody broke the silence.

“I remember when I faced my first Rakghoul. It was far from easy.” Cody always had the most memorable stories of when he fought within the republic ranks. His deep and deliberate voice always added to his great story telling ability. “I think I remember the story, let me see, oh yes…”

Me and part of by brigade was setting up the perimeter around our camp, since we just landed on Taris… this was over 20 years ago mind you… and presently we found a large, dense forest on the edge of our patrol area. One of my comrades took a few steps in and suddenly a loud, blood-curdling shriek came from the forest. He ran back to the rear of the group so fast, everyone laughed hysterically. But our humor vanished instantaneously when we saw the source of the shriek. A big grotesque Rakghoul emerged; his grey, leathery skin produced a reek that I could smell 30 meters away. Without hesitation, we all starting blasting at it like a bunch of frantic children. Unfortunately, it got to us before we could stop it. In a few seconds, half of the patrol was slaughtered. Remembering to stay calm and when to switch to melee, I threw a sticky charge onto its back and plunged my vibrosword into the wound. It’s howl was so terrible, I haven’t heard anything quite like it to this day. So of course, it swung around and nearly tore off my leg with one sweep of its gigantic claw. My left leg was instantly shattered and I fell on the ground, helpless. The pain was so overwhelming, I was sure I would get infected within a few hours. So I felt compelled to let the monster just finish me so that I would not kill anyone as a Rakghoul myself. It was about to do just that until a brown robe brushed my face. There in front of me was a Jedi with a golden double bladed laser-sword, ready to defend me against the ghoul, which by the way moved into position to bite a good chunk of this Jedi’s upper body. Except he never got there, the last thing I saw before I blacked out was the mysterious Jedi plunging its golden blade into the Rakghoul’s mouth.

By the time I woke up, I had lost my leg. But it was a small price to pay to keep myself from getting infected by the plague let along getting killed on the spot. One of the survivors from my group was there, so I started asking him questions about the Jedi, since I never recalled bringing a Jedi with us to Taris. He was about as clueless as I was, so I’ve never found out who that great man was.

“You sure you aren’t making that up?” Jahavid quipped. But Cody did not seem to mind the skepticism. “Of course not. I’ve got the scars to prove it.” Cody lifted his pants to reveal a completely metallic shin and knee cap. Joel could not help but notice some rust and corrosion resided on some joint areas. “Looks like you’re gonna need a replacement soon. Rust isn’t any better than arthritis.” Everyone laughed, lightening up the mood.

“Nah I’ll be fine. It’s not like I have the credits anyway to buy a new one. But what really would help me is if we found out who that Jedi was. I never got to thank him for what he did to save me or my comrades.” Dressen patted Lex on the back, who was a little too interested in the story. “I’ve never seen a Jedi before, they are such interesting people. What gives them such motivation to do good? And conversely for the sith, who are so intent on doing evil; and Cody, they don’t use laser swords, they’re called lightsabers.”
“Good and evil is a matter of what someone thinks. It’s not constant.” Jahavid countered, “The Jedi do what they think is good and the Sith do what they think is good. No more complicated than that.” Lex obviously was in disapproval, but did not say anything as the storm continued to rage on.

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03.20.2012 , 05:20 AM | #2
Chapter 2

As the storm continued on, so did the stories. “No offense to you guys, but I’ve got a story with a little more substance.” Jahavid sat back into one of the bar stools with distant eyes. “I remember my glory days as a mercenary for the empire. Good times.”

I was on Alderan during the empires invasion before the treaty of coruscant. We just heard about Darth Malgus’ defeat. Of course, later we knew he survived, but at the time we didn’t know. Nevertheless, our morale was up due to the great fighting potential. With the capital city still in flames, we had hope and reason to believe we could have victory. Unfortunately, before we had a chance to attack, republic commandos attacked our group. Myself and a few of us managed to drive them off to regroup. Then we got reinforcements and started chasing them, hoping to totally annihilate the group, we perused out of formation that was a big mistake. Soon members started getting picked off, even a couple of the Sith with us. I decided to go in alone and take out their sniper, but that’s when I encountered a Jedi. He had a golden double bladed light saber just like the one in Cody’s story. Before I even had the chance to do anything, I was thrown up into the air into a tree and knocked unconscious. When I woke up, I was all alone, the Jedi and his team prevailed. I slowly made my way back to the camp when I encountered some republic scouts attempting to destroy my ship. Luckily I got to them before they got my ship and I made my way back to the fleet, where I found out Malgus barely survived the encounter with the Jedi Master Satielle Shan. In disgust, I retreated from the failure that the Sith Empire dealt itself and headed to Tattoine for a better contract. Once I got there, things started to go wrong and soon enough I was betrayed and thrown into the slaughtering pit, where to my surprise a Rakghoul stood. Apparently the Hutt in charge decided to import one for his entertainment. Without any weapons or armor, I defeated that Rakghoul with nothing but a few sticks and my bare hands. The Hutt was so impressed that he let me live and gave me a five year contract as a worker for him. I gladly excepted, but had some unfinished business. I tried in vain to find that man who had betrayed me and left me for dead but I never found out his name or where he went. To this day, I have not had my revenge, but I plan to…

“Well that’s a sad story.” Lex said sarcastically, “But interesting that you got owned by the same Jedi as in Cody’s story.” Dressen chuckled a bit, trying to mask his humor. “It wasn’t the same Jedi you block head, just the same lightsaber color.” Jahavid tried to block his anger from his speech. Lex backed off a little and just shrugged. “I have a story, but it’s not like the others, it’s more about politics.” Joel was glad there was a less violent story in the group. “That’s alright kid. You’ve got plenty of time to build your adventures.” A bolt of lightning struck the building across the road, sending sparks flying everywhere. Lex looked at the smoking rooftop for a second and then turned back to everyone else.
It starts in Coruscant, the post treaty talks. I was a deputy for one of the senators from looking across the room at the imperial delegates. One of the delegates was a Sith Lord. It bugged me that the Sith could insert themselves in politics so easily, they were very persuasive speakers, although not on a charismatic level. The argument at hand was if the republic could garrison some outer rim systems that used to belong to the Republic, since there was a large chance of pirate raids or other crime syndicates. So far, things didn’t seem to look good.

“You see honorable delegates, why can’t the Empire provide protection against these pirates and crime syndicates? After all, they are the same people are they not?” Many of the Moffs present nodded in concurrence. A senator stood up, paper in hand. “I’m holding our military scouting reports Darth Malad you absolutely have no intention of helping the helpless if there is no military benefit to you.” Another senator stood up. “I agree. A report from malastare shows you allowed space pirates to attack their convoys so you could steal the goods after the pirates took them off planet. I would characterize such behavior as disgraceful.” Yet another senator stood up. “Furthermore, your own Sith code of conduct does not even support your own statement. We are not fools, we see the truth and act on it.” Darth Malad listened to their statements carefully, fingers intertwined on the surface of his table. After a few moments, he stood.
“Yes senators, those are all true. But now that the treaty is enacted, some of your own might agree that your money is better spent helping those of the planets you still possess. Because if not, then we just might decide to help those people too.” I had enough of his threats, so I stood to counter, finger pointed at him. “That is preposterous. The treaty is signed and you have no authority to tell us what we can do with our money or how much money we own. I assure you that we have more than enough to finance both outer rim planets and the ones we still possess.”
“Is that so?” he replied. “I hope your friends agree with you. Because if you don’t watch it, we might just decide to reduce your credit’s value by spending every penny we have on warships so you’ll never reoccupy your precious cities ever again.” Everyone started talking at once arguing at his blatant threat. I stood to counter the Sith, “You know you cannot do that. You are masters of deception, but in politics, it’s a huge weakness. We will be able to fund the outer rim planets while we keep the core worlds secure. The numbers are certainly there.” The other senators did not respond and walked out of the room. Me and my employer was gathering our stuff when Malad walked up to me.
“You better understand kid, when you mess with the empire, you mess with your own life. Remember that when I destroy you.” Fearing the worst, I almost began to run but he already began to walk away. I silently breathed a sigh of relief. We quickly made it out and never strayed far from our apartment until he left. It was pretty scary.

“Good thing you probably will never see that sith again, because if you did, you might as well kill yourself.” Cody nodded to Jahavid. “I agree. Lex, gotta watch your back in the core world.” Everyone laughed jovially. Joel could see Lex was a little distraught. “Don’t worry Lex, we are just joking around. No chance he will ever be out here.”

“What makes you say that?” A hooded figure in dark clothing stood at the threshold of the Cantina, with a dark mask in place of a face. He had a gold and black lightsaber hilt hanging off his belt, with mysterious and indiscernible markings adorning it. His voice was low and menacing baritone but with a clean calmness to it. As if the question he just asked was genuine. Everyone took a step or two away from the entrance and stood close to each other. Lex was so terrified he dived behind the bar where Joel was, who addressed him as calmly as possible.

“Hello good sir, what brings you to my Cantina?” His voice quivering. The figure took off his hood and then his mask, which revealed a man with blond neck long hair with light green eyes with a slightly tight cheek bone and a completion that made him instantly handsome. Everyone was justifiably surprised, but he spoke before someone else could comment.

“I’ll have something strong, need to get warm. That storm is more evil than I am.” Cody was the only one who laughed, but even he was still a little shocked. “Are you from around here? I don’t recall meeting you.” The man came up to the counter for his drink and stood next to Cody. “No I’m not from around here. I’m here for business, but this storm slowed me down and so I stopped here.” Lex finally emerged from his cover, saying: “You’re a Sith aren’t you? What are you doing here in a republic outpost?” The Sith gulped down a shot and slid the glass to Joel, indicating another. “Yes I am a Sith my friend. As for your second question, you might forget that the republic is at peace with us. I can sense you are not too fond of the Sith based on your story.” Jahavid chimed in. “Heh, how long were you standing there? Not too long I hope.” The Sith chuckled back with a friendly air. “Only until the very ending of this guy’s story. I’m Dorn by the way. Nice to meet you all.” Everyone was still bewildered that a Sith could be so conversational let alone friendly to outsiders.

“Pardon me, but you don’t seem much like a Sith to me.” Dressen said. Dorn cocked an eyebrow, then almost instantaneously shot a powerful bolt of lightning at a nearby table, the bolt seem to expand upon hitting the target and literally disintegrated the whole area. Following that, he ignited his lightsaber, which protruded a dark purple blade. “Convinced?” He asked as he held the blade close to Dressen, who responded, “readily.” Joel did not bother to complain about the table, because of the chance of negatively changing the Sith’s mood. “I see you are a powerful Sith good sir, but are you by chance a Sith Lord?” he asked. The Sith turned to him. “I only wish. I still have much to learn. My Master says I need more outside experience and that I don’t take myself seriously enough. In other words, I have the power, but I’m not ‘hardcore’ enough yet.”

“I think your Master might be wrong. Why should you be more serious?” Lex tritely commented. Dorn turned to Lex. “You know little of the force my friend. My Master knows far more than you and me. He knows what is best for me, which is why I’m here. I’m going to cleanse this area of those vicious animals known as Rakghoul’s. Particularly the one they call tooth-claw. A dark and imposing Rakghoul, which is the top predator in these parts.” The five natives all felt relief inside knowing the Sith was not there to destroy the republic presence. “It’s certainly easier said than done. Many mercenaries have died searching for tooth-claw just by running into his minions. He is constantly moving around, seeking new grounds.” Dorn waived Cody off and walked to the middle of the room.
“This is where you are wrong people. This is where the force is my ally. I will find out where this putrid animal lies and defeat him and his companions; and I will do it decisively.” Cody and Jahavid walked up to him. “Then you will need us to come with you.” The Sith apprentice laughed hysterically, a flash of lightning striking nearby. “I need you two? Seriously? I’m sorry but I doubt it.” Cody pushed the argument. “Don’t underestimate us. You will need to know the terrain doubtless of your dark powers. Come on, you won’t regret it.” Dorn paused and considered, hummed in thought, then conceded.

“Very well. But we will need to wait for this storm to pass first. For now, how about another drink?”
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03.21.2012 , 06:01 AM | #3
This is pretty good! the only thing I noticed was that sometimes you would give plural things 's.

Like Rakghouls (correct)
Rakghoul's (incorrect)

Rakghouls roam these parts (correct)

Rakghoul's roam these parts (incorrect)

And you need to start a new paragraph every time someone talks. But other than these errors, it's a good read.

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05.14.2012 , 07:40 AM | #4
Chapter 3

The group finally started to settle back in after the arrival of the unexpected outlander. However, the storm did not relent in the slightest. Rain water freely ran along the road. Visibility was still extremely low and lightning continued to light up the skies... or occasionally a few trees.

"Ghastly storm out there.” How the heck did it even get there? We haven't had a storm this bad in a long time." Everyone nodded to Dressen's comment, which was all so true. Another bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, followed by an echoing boom across the most wild landscape. Dorn stared outside where the bolt stood only a few seconds ago. He got up and strode towards the exit.

"Just where do you think you're going? We all agreed to stay here until the storm dies off." Cody said. The Sith ignored him and continued out onto the porch. Drawing his hood, he beckoned everyone.

"Come on guys, I want to show you a trick I recently learned. Now's a perfect time to test it out. But stay back or you'll get fried." Everyone ran to the windows to watch. Standing in the middle of the road with water up to his lower shin, Dorn stood with his dead bowed, hands clenched. A dark red glow slowly started to glow on the outline of his figure. A small concentration more than anywhere else on his hands. Extending his left hand in front of him with his right knee bent. Suddenly another lightning bolt protruded from the nearest cloud strait for Dorn. Everyone winced at the brightness, but it did not disappear, only losing some of its brightness. Dorn rotated and spun his body and flung the lightning now in the shape of a ball back into the sky succeeded by a stream of blue lightning of his own. He then drew his lightsaber and summoned the power against his blade. Bathing it in an electric blue before sending it back out again thought the point of the lightsaber. He then withdrew the blade and returned inside, now soaked.

"Watcha guys think? Pretty impressive huh?" Joel only replied a calm and natural "Indeed."
"It seems the storm is not gonna settle down at all. I'm afraid we are gonna have to postpone our hunt for tomorrow." Dressen announced.

"Anyone got more stories? How about you Dorn?" He added. The apprentice sat down in a chair near the south wall across the room and motioned with his hand for everyone to do come as well.

It was a clear sunny day on Belsavis atop of one of the many snowy mountains where and my Master were training. I was only a couple years into my training (I started when I was 16) and I was just beginning to understand the basics of lightsaber combat and the way things worked. Only a few months earlier, I had chosen to train in the art of shien. The powerful yet precise and masterful movements seemed like a great choice for me. But today, I was to put together both my skills in sword fighting and wielding the powers of the force.
After a few training reps with my Master, another Sith Lord appeared with his apprentice in stride behind him. My Master went to greet them and the two Sith Lords conversed for a while. Once they finished, they instructed the two of us fighting... to the death. I instantly began preparing myself and so did he. Both of us were young and only knew a little of our chosen forms. I had decided to focus on using the force instead. When the Masters told us to begin I began making a mist of snow using the force. While he began searching tearing through, I pummeled him with a barrage of force pushes, sending him into the snow. But he quickly counter attacked and started flying snowballs at me he made with the force... talk about an effective fighter. I used my lightsaber to bat down the snow balls, then against my better judgment closed to for melee combat. Swinging low with a powerful, crippling hit, my opponent evaded the attack and planted a kick to my face. While off guard he used the force to grab my lightsaber and push me toward the icy edge. I barely stopped myself from falling and clutched a dead thicket to steady myself up. Within seconds, he was upon me again this time using my lightsaber as well as his. I flipped over him and quickly let out a barrage of force orbs and waves. He used the snow as a shield, then force-pushed the wall of snow at me, sending me to the ground in six feet of snow. Trying in vain to emerge, the others lightsabers began probing the pile for me. I emerged myself in a force field and then expanded it into a burst of energy, freeing myself. My opponent was thrown back near the two anticipating masters. I saw him look into his master’s eyes briefly before charging at me once again. This time I knew what to do. Dodging the blows, I grabbed his wrists and head-butted him to the ground and retook my lightsaber. I then picked him up and curved my blade at a left right flick of my wrist, resulting in a successful amputation of the apprentice’s hand. Without hesitation, I finished and defeated my fellow trainee. Immediately my Master praised me.
“Well done my apprentice. You are growing ever stronger in the mind as well as in the body.” He then addressed the other disappointed yet emotionless Sith Lord.
“I wish I could say I’m sorry, yet I’m most certainly not. Good fight though.” The Master bowed in respect.
“Good match; I must now continue my search for a strong student. Best of luck to you both.” With that, he left. Once he went out of sight, my master rustled my hair.
“Great work my apprentice; nevertheless, we have much work to do and much to improve. Speed is essential; the empire needs you to succeed.” Almost beaming in pride, I knelt before my Master. I was now more determined than ever to please him.
“Thank you Master. I will not fail you.”
“And so, I trained for years hoping to accomplish the goal I had set for myself.”

“Then what are you doing here and how come you are not like the other sith I’ve heard about?” Lex interrupted.
“Indeed I’m different." Dorn replied, "It is because my Master now refuses to teach me further until I fix my mental attitude. I guess he wants me to become a ravaged animal that mindlessly kills people. I say we need to get a life and stop and think once and a while. Because of this, I have received no further training since I was 22. Many make fun of me because of this, but I refuse to change who I am.” The now intent and captivated group seemed very much surprised of Dorn’s story. However Joel was not done with the questioning.

“Why don’t you just leave the Sith and become normal? You don’t seem too happy about what your teachers are doing.” Dorn stood up and turned to the window behind him, gazing on the relentless storm as lightning streaked across the sky.

“Because being a sith is all I’m good at. I was never successful at anything else in the first half of my life. I couldn’t play, sing, I never even had the attention for school you know? When my parents allowed me to join the sith, I suspected they just wanted to get rid of me. I haven’t heard from them since I joined and I don’t expect to nor do I want to. My goal is to someday do something so extraordinary and mentionable that not only will the empire thank me, but my Mom and Dad will regret not taking better care of me.” The roof subtly shook from an especially strong gust of wind.

“Do you hate them? It seems like it.” Cody inquired. Dorn loudly exhaled through his nose and turned around after a brief silence.

“Hate is a strong word. Dislike is more accurate. I hope to show them who I really am someday. It is my destiny to help this galaxy. I will prove myself.” Dorn said dryly, kicking a bug which was scurrying across the floor. Jahavid finally spoke up himself.

“Sounds like a worthy cause. But I still don’t see why you’re here to kill Rakghoul‘s. What significance are they to you?”

“Training my friend. There are far more dangerous beasts than Rakghoul’s out there. I must defeat them to prove to myself I can defeat greater foes. That is why I must go alone to find tooth-claw. Earlier I may have sounded confident in my master and my abilities, but really I am disappointed in my Master’s decision and I still have much to learn.” Everyone fell silent, pondering the words of their newfound friend who seemed so lost.

“Well, there is no harm in helping you look for tooth-claw is there? We will use our knowledge as best we can to get you to your goal.” Everyone stood around Dorn. As he looked to every face, they each nodded in approval of the plan. For the first time, the sith apprentice smiled not humorously, but a genuine warm smile.
“Thank you guys. You seem to me my first true friends in a very long time. Thank you.” Dorn stepped back away from the center next to Cody and Dressen, who put his hand palm up into the center of the circle.
“To friendship and success… and a good sunny day.” Cody cheered, raising his glass with his other hand.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________

The twittering Leku was not the only place in the Lytle outpost with planning going on. Just across the street Inside the dimly lit barracks were Commander Alisha Anderson and Sargent Pillet, looking out a window viewing the water flowing down the road. Anderson saw the spectacle the intruding sith put just outside the Cantina. Sith usually meant trouble and she wanted no part of it.

“Sargent, put surveillance on the Cantina. Make sure no one enters or exits without me knowing about it. We don’t know the sith’s intent of being here. It is rather perplexing.” Pillet did not look up from his data pad. The overweight officer obviously put on allot of wait off of fringe cake. Ever since the cook found out how to make the Correlian dessert, neither of them could stay away from it for long.

“Yes sir, processing the order now. Although I think I can make a suggestion. Why don’t we wait until the storm is over until we put troops out there? After all, if he is a sith, then it is best to call in a Jedi from the main headquarters to deal with him.” Anderson heaved a sigh. Pillet seemed to think he could bully him around just because he had more experience and was a guy. She found neither argument true. Women could have great responsibility and be much smarter than men. In fact, it was true most of the time in her opinion.

“First of all, don’t call me sir. Call me Ma’am. Second, I don’t need your suggestions. I’m the commander for a reason and know what is best. A little rain and thunder is not going to hurt anyone. Send them out and no if’s and’s or buts about it.” The obese officer looked up at her with a serious expression. But said nothing in reply but a “yes ma’am”
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Chapter 4

Everyone had stayed in the Twitering Leku for the night due to the merciless and unrelenting storm. As usual, Joel woke up bright and early to prepare his business for the day. He had not planned to join the others in the hunt for Tooth-Claw, preferring to stay out of the action and just keep things running normal. Unsure how the outpost would feel about the Sith presence, he was eager to get them moving before the bulk of the residents woke up. Of course, since his Cantina was a watering hole, few would come until at least midday.

“Wake up guys; the storm has passed and it’s time to set out.” The sky was still completely covered in gloomy clouds, yet the chances for additional rainfall seemed slim. The wind however, still continued to keep a steady howl. One by one, Dressen, Lex, Cody, and Jahavid emerged from the storeroom where they slept for the night. Then came Dorn, who slept in the other room, which served as the Cantina’s lounge. Lex started on brewing the caf while everyone else but Joel sat at one of the tables. He was still washing dishes.

“So what’s with setting out at daybreak? What’s the rush?” Jahavid said.
“Gotta use the full day.” Cody replied, “We cover the most ground that way. And remember, you, Dressen, and I have to go get our guns and armor from our apartment.” Lex turned and faced Cody, still operating the caf machine.

“You guys are forgetting me. I’m coming too.” He snapped. Jahavid chuckled, followed by an outburst of laugher which boomed though the whole building.
“That’s funny, I thought I heard you say you were coming with us.” He managed.
“I am, and you better believe it.” He said, grimacing.
“Where are your weapons kid? I thought you were a diplomat public sector guy. Since when did you become a Rakghoul slayer?” Cody asked with a complacent tone.
“He’s right. You are only gonna get yourself hurt or killed out there. Why don’t you stay with Joel?” Dressen added.
“I can buy guns and armor you know that. I will be fine I can decide for myself.” He insisted. Joel stepped in.
“They’re right Lex. We can’t have you turning into one yourself. Besides, we’ve got plenty to do today over here you’ll see.” Looking around the room and seeing no one else was taking him seriously, Lex gave up and briskly stepped out of the cantina while shaking his head at Jahavid. The room fell silent for a few moments until Dorn grabbed the first cup of ready caf and downed it.
“Well if you ladies are done with the drama, we should be leaving.”
__________________________________________________ _______________________
It was not easy being around the old guys. It seemed he always was the recipient of any attacks. Frustrated, Lex picked up a chipped piece of concrete and threw it over the neighboring building, immediately after came loud swearing and cursing. He backpedaled into the street to observe a helmetless republic trooper rubbing his forehead. Next thing he knew, he was thrown onto the ground and handcuffed then rushed to an alley; where more troopers lay.
“Who is this?” One questioned.
“I found him coming out of the cantina. He’s the one who hit Mark.” The one who brought him replied. He dismissed everyone but the two of them.
“Everyone take up positions, if anyone else comes out, take them as well. We need to question everyone.” Post dismissal, he finally addressed Lex.

“Let me see your ID.” He demanded. Lex felt through his pockets for his wallet and produced his ID. The officer took it and examined it for a minute and hummed to himself.
“I have a few questions for you Mr. Sortia. Tell me, are you plotting with the sith?” He ignored the question.
“Not at all, I hate the Sith and everything they do.” The officer’s expression remained calm and conceited.

“Then now come you spent the entire night with a sith Lord at the Cantina?” Lex bit his lip. He knew he shouldn’t have hung around with Dorn, good person or not.
“I can explain officer. Just take me back to headquarters where it is safe. Then I can tell you everything.” The officer nodded and placed his right hand on Lex's left shoulder to guide him toward the headquarters.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Dressen, Dorn, Jahavid, and Cody were all finally ready. The latter two were able to reach their apartments further down the southernmost street in the outpost without any trouble. Little did they know that they’re every move was tracked by republic agents.

Cody favored his old orange and white trooper armor to protect himself from the savage attacks of the Rakghoul while arming himself with a light repeater, since heavy weapons grew cumbersome more easily with age. Jahavid still preferred versatility; brandishing both a one foot electric vibro-shiv in one hand while using a heavy blaster one the other. Dorn of course used his lightsaber and his sith apprentice garments adapted for combat, along with his dark robe to conceal his attire and his mask to hide his facial features. Lastly, Dressen preferred long range combat and secrecy, so he chose his cameo attire compounded with his powerful sniper rifle. He was also designated the medic.
“Good luck to all of you and may all of you come back in one piece.” Joel said. Jahavid chuckled and holstered his weapons in place.
“Of course we will. We’ve been through hell and back before. This won’t be a problem.”
“I hope so for all our sakes.” Dressen coldly replied.
The party of four made their way carefully down the streets to the outpost entrance, where five guards were stationed wide awake. Cody noticed two of them were already looking at them early on, as if they were waiting for them. Something was not quite right.

“What are we gonna do with those guards? They’re not gonna like you Dorn.” Jahavid whispered as they continued on their pace closer to the checkpoint.
“It’s alright. Just follow me and do what I do.” Cody advised. He noted the guards all had blasters in hand and all but one was now turned to face them. He addressed them in the most assertive voice possible. Perhaps his soldier armor would fool them.... although unlikely.

“Let us through troopers. We need to get through here.” The final trooper turned around, officers markings branded on his armor.
“Who’s your shadowy friend here? We need everyone’s ID. We can’t have everyone going in and out as they please. That’s why we are here.” He replied.
“Watch your back. We are about to get ambushed.” Dorn quietly warned. Cody kept his eye on the officer while he slowly moved to his carbine.
“You slimy little critter…” The sound of an activated lightsaber filled the air as Dorn ran ahead of Cody and attacked the checkpoint troopers.

“Let’s go!” Cody motioned everyone to follow Dorn as he cut his way through the five troopers with ease before any of them could get a clear shot. On the other hand, the troops who flanked them were opening up without any problem. Cody did not bother to fire back and just followed the others. In the back of his vision he saw the troops began to pursue them. Everyone followed Dorn as he headed straight along the main path.

“Maybe we should go bushwhacking to lose them!” He remarked, glancing at the fast approaching troopers on speeder bike.
“Agreed! These guys don’t know when to quit do they?” Jahavid said, running into the bush, taking the lead of the group as Dorn brought some trees down on the road to stall them. Cody followed behind Dressen, but within a few steps into the dense forest, both of them tripped and fell down a steep hill of around thirty or forty feet. An annoyed voice rang over their heads.
“Can you guys move? You’re not the only ones trying to escape!” It was Dorn, who was still up at the top of the drop, blaster fire resumed once again. The two quickly got up and followed Jahavid through the thicket. Dorn landed without a hitch behind them, moving deeper into the forest.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
As the troopers continued to relentlessly pursue the mysterious Sith and his companions, Commander Anderson established a perimeter on the road just a few yards where the Sith flew the massive tree trunks onto the road. Conveniently, it served as a good wall to guard from hazardous wildlife. Her eyes searched the area for any clues to where they might have been heading prior to being chased, yet she found none. The trooper who caught Lex Sortia came forward with a datapad containing the damage report. She briefly read, then addressed the trooper.
“Good work trooper. Scout the area for any pre-pursue destinations.”
“Affirmative.” He obeyed, running off to gather a party.

She returned her eyes to the datapad. What made the whole thing confusing was how the mysterious Sith could have evaded Republic presence and gather followers so easily. Most of the people residing in the Lytle outpost were unflinchingly loyal to the Republic. Despite no casualties other than the five checkpoint guards, there was no doubt the fugitives represented a big threat. Eyeing Pillet, who was approaching her, she placed the datapad in her pocket.

“Commander, Lex Sortia is ready for interrogation back at headquarters, pending your decision.” He said.
“Thank you Sargent. Go ahead and start.” He nodded but continues to stand there, his expression stone faced, his eyes refusing to meet hers.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked.
“I still think we should call in for help. We have already seen what this sith can do, it is far too dangerous for you or any of us to continue heading pursuit.” Another soldier interrupted before she could reply.

“Ma’am, we got an ID on the Mirialin who was with them. His name is Dressen Powers and spends much time doing community events here and hanging out in the Twittering Leku, where we first discovered the sith.” A moment of silence filled the conversation until Anderson quietly signed.
“Good work. Go start the interrogation the both of you and tell me when you’re done.” They both started toward the speeder.

“And Sargent… I can finish this job myself." she snapped. "I need no help nor do I need any suggestions. It’s my job. Understood?” Pillet remained emotionless, only glancing at her for a second before heading toward the speeder again.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________
“We are far enough out to counter attack, let’s take them out!” Jahavid turned around to face his pursuers, along with everyone else. Cody set his carbine to kill and fired on the half dozen soldiers close behind. Dorn produced a force barrier for the two of them to hide behind for cover while he released dark blue bolts of force lightning at them. The front three were instantly decimated while two others were wounded with repeated shots to the leg. Realizing they were suddenly outnumbered, they began to fall back, but to no avail. Within a few seconds, the group was completely decimated save for a single untouched soldier, who was running back for his life.

“I’ll handle this one.” Dressen brought up his sniper rifle and with one shot quickly painted the nearest trees the trooper was around red. Cody glanced at the remains wide eyed. He turned around up in arms.

“Well now we are really gonna get it. We just killed some of our own governments' soldiers.” He said.
“Not everyone’s government.” Dorn chimed.
“That makes two of us.” Jahavid added. “What we should be talking about is finding the flesh river, the entrance of Rakghoul territory. They would never follow us in there anyways.”
“You think there’s a reason for that?” Cody rebutted.
“If you didn’t want to come, then why did you?” Dorn countered. Dressen interrupted before anything else could be said.

“Let’s just focus on the prey not each other shall we?”
“Yes, let’s.” Cody said, marching on.
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