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Issues with Gearing Quinn

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03.18.2012 , 01:37 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Crunchyblack View Post
I guessing the OP is looking into the force healing stat rather than the tech tab that will show tech healing?

Also, my quinn (and inquisitor mirror talos) have a near spammible heal that hits for around 300...i see it all the time. However they both have several heals that are limited to cooldowns and kolto immunity These hit much harder.

I would hate to assume that the OP needs to check his companions quickbar/skill list and make sure medwatch and all his healing skills are active (will have a yellow dot rather than a grey

I would also like to add that getting your healer pet the best vibroknife possible makes a huge diffrence, its the tech power.

Also....does extertise aid in quinns healing in any way? Isnt there better gear that could be used to make him more effective in healing you?

Just some thoughts...and my final thought...hes not suppose to be better than a player healer...your not going to get him to a point where hes keeping you alive while you tank the world.
Woooooooow, I did not know a tech tab even existed. I had to refresh UI to get the option to check the Tech tab though. Companion UI seems a bit buggy sometimes. Everytime I've checked the char sheet for him it has only listed Melee/Ranged/Force/Defense, which is all it lists for mara. This clarifies it, thank you!

END THREAD: Quinn is dependent on cunning.
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