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Star wars Episode 3 ( The best from the series)??

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Star wars Episode 3 ( The best from the series)??

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03.28.2012 , 04:15 PM | #21
I personally liked all six movies. Actually, I loved all six movies and can't get enough. I generally watch one movie (in order) every two weeks or so year round. They are far from perfect, but there is enough in each of them to entertain me.

I never really understood the whole Prequel hate. People just expected far too much, and are unwilling to say anything negative about IV-V-VI. The whole series has plenty of cheesy and groan-worthy moments, it's not exclusive to the prequels.

If you look at each movie with a critical and non-biased eye, you can pick apart the script, acting, and more with no problem at all. It's all how you choose to look at it. I choose to enjoy the movies, and it works out great for me.

I have my favorites and least favorites of the series, but by no means do I dislike any of them.

As for Episode 3, I loved it. I really felt the emotional shift when the murder of the Jedi's was in place. I could feel Anakin's hurt and frustration in thinking that Obi-Wan had won over Padme and she was going to be taken from him. The final fight, in my view, was far superior than any in the original episodes as well.

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03.28.2012 , 05:08 PM | #22
I loved ROTS when I first saw it... but over time that love faded, and turned to contempt regarding a lot of its elements. Best saber duel? No... not quite. Ewan did great with what he had to work with (aside from stuff like 'only the Sith deal in absolutes!'), but the staging & choreography of the duel was terrible...

...unless it was for a video game. THEN it'd work nicely, with all the different 'phases' of the fight. "Phase 1: platform. When level boss Darth Vader loses 10% of health, move to Phase 2: inside control room. After another 10% loss, shields are disabled and we move to Phase 3..." etc, with "rope-swinging duel phase" and "hide from lava phase" and "climb falling metalwork phase" and "hover-droid chase phase".

But the most frustrating part of the duel is the very end, where Vader's completely dismembered (except his already-robotic forearm, of course, because you can't sever it TWICE!) in a single exchange. I'd hoped some of the injuries would be incurred over the course of the duel, with Obi-Wan desperately trying to end the battle and only angering Vader more, until finally Obi-Wan makes a decisive blow which leaves Vader broken and facing imminent fiery death. But, no... it's just angry Anakin fuming about how suddenly the Jedi are evil, not the dude who told him to go kill a bunch of kindergarteners until he tries to pull a TPM-Kenobi jump over Obi-Wan and loses the rest of his fleshy limbs.

For my money, the best duel of the Prequels was Yoda vs Sidious. Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon vs. Maul was the flashiest, but it was all pirouettes and jumps and fancy choreography that had no emotional resonance at all, until Qui-Gon gets stabbed. Yoda vs Sidious has the future of the galaxy riding on it, leader of the Sith vs leader of the Jedi, and Yoda only loses because of one bad fall (and because the plot demanded it, of course).

But Vader vs Luke in ESB is the best overall, even if there was very little actual 'dueling' in it. More emotion riding on it even before the reveal, as you're fearing for this kid who ran off half-cocked because his friends were in danger, KNOWING it was a trap, and trying to put on a brave front against the guy who kept him from knowing his father AND killed his first mentor... and Vader's just toying with him the whole time. Then, he doesn't even use his saber, he just has it lit to taunt Luke while he uses the Force to throw crap at him. And even after all that, after being blown out a window, Luke STILL has enough left to put up a good fight and even get a glancing blow against Vader's shoulder. And then there's the end... "No, I am your father." Even knowing ahead of time what the reveal is, it's still powerful because Luke DOESN'T know. His "Noooooooooo! Noooooooo!" comes off as truly shocked and anguished, unlike Vader's "NOOOOOOOO" in ROTS... but that's partly due to the nature of Vader's voice. That voice isn't made for cries of despair.

And oh, the bad... Padme's 'Rebellion' scenes were rightly cut (bad acting all around, not a great script), but that left her to just be the dutiful wife and say a bunch of dumb lines with Anakin, and carry the kids in one of the most unrealistic pregnancies on film (Arnold Schwarzenegger was more believable as pregnant in 'Junior' than Portman was in ROTS... ESPECIALLY the painfully-scripted balcony scene with her looking like a skeleton). Sidious dispatching Mace's group so quickly, meant to show how powerful Sidious was and how unprepared the Jedi were, but so poorly executed. Anakin's turn being a one-action change, rather than a gradual buildup of all the many elements throughout the PT (they were all there, but the way the change happened seems disconnected from them, rather than him being 'seduced' by the dark side's power). The turn-on-a-dime betrayal of the clones. "Whoops, new orders. Kill the generals. Call the Chancellor 'my lord'. Don't even try to arrest or question or, y'know, WIN THE BATTLE first." The opening 'battle' which just has two Jedi starfighters flying through it, not engaging it much dogfighting, not showcasing Anakin's exceptional piloting... just 'Hey, look at all this stuff! WAY more ships than Return of the Jedi's pitiful battle! But no interesting dogfights cuz they're all essentially faceless TIE pilots: either identical clones or droids that are their own ships'. Oh, and a long chunk of it is dealing with missiles that become funny little droids that tear up ships and astromechs. And more...

Not the best of the series.

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03.28.2012 , 06:58 PM | #23
ESB is the best Star Wars movie made, to this day. I can see where people will place ANH higher, but come on... anything from the Prequels? LOL!

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03.28.2012 , 07:58 PM | #24
NOOOOOOOOOO isnt nearly as bad as those f***ing ewoks

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03.28.2012 , 10:54 PM | #25
This isn't about which one brings back the most nostalgia... A New Hope was boooooring. Period. I think ROTS is a close tie or one above TESB. It is a really good movie.

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03.28.2012 , 11:25 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Datamonger View Post
I tend not to think of each episode individually. The one thing I will say is I love Palpatine's masterful manipulation of the Senate and formation of the Empire in the prequels. This alone almost (but not quite) makes the prequels as good as the original trilogy.

Not a huge fan of the prequels, but I agree with you on Palpatine's manipulation of the Senate.

I must say, I think my favourite line of any of the movies was from Padme, something to the tune of:

"So this is how liberty dies - with thunderous applause."

Makes me think A LOT of current governments in many countries.
When a man dies, a swarm of highly charged energies deserts the body and goes out into space entering another cycle of life. These energies have an IMMORTAL nature. -Thomas Edison

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03.28.2012 , 11:32 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Ch_Zero View Post
The last movie had so many fights, so at the end they ran low on their budget...
You can't possibly believe this.

You know who Lucas is, right?

Episode III WAS the best of the prequels, but look at what you're comparing them to. Anakin's fall was still not very believable, Hayden Christansen and Natalie Portman failed at any kind of romance/drama, parts of the writing were just as terrible as Ep1 and 2, and bits of it, even the ACTION SCENES, dragged on.

If it didn't have Ewan McGregor to *********** PWN that last scene with Anakin (and the scene with Greivous) it would have blown period.

But the entire PT would have blown without Ewan.