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Star Wars Books

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03.29.2012 , 02:53 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by MadHobbit View Post
Any of the books deal mostly with a Jedi Consular ?
The whole Jedi Consular/ Shadow/Sentinel/Guardian concept is something contrived for SWTOR (perhaps as far back as KOTOR), so you won't see any of the novels deal with jedi defined in such clear roles. I guess the novels that tie in with the game however do have characters that clearly have such a role, so I would suggest reading those (Fatal Alliance perhaps?).

As for the whole best SW books discussion:
Thrawn Trilogy for all the reasons already mentioned
Darth Plagueis
Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
NJO series
X-Wing Series
Jedi Academy Trilogy
Correlia Trilogy (yes I liked it, I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned it yet)

Haven't read all the books yet, although I am collecting them all (last count was 130). Ever since SWTOR came out I'm completely back into Star Wars again, and next week I'm starting the massive task of (re-)reading through my collection. Hope to finish it in 3 years or so, and I want to read some other stuff in between (Terry Pratchett novels and ASOIAF for the 3rd time ).

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03.29.2012 , 03:34 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
Chronologically - The Truce at Bakura (takes place immediately following RotJ; the rebellion is still celebrating on Endor)

However, as I said in a previous post, the EU got jump started with the Zahn "Thrawn Trilogy". As a matter of fact it was speculated (back then) that it would be episodes 7 8 and 9.
Speculated by fans only, because Zahn made the trilogy very much in the mold of the OT; each book opened with a Star Destroyer, the way he structured a lot of the trilogy... the only thing it DIDN'T do was follow the known 'rules' of the Saga. Even back then, it was known that the Prequels would end roughly 20 years before ANH; fan gossip or actual George/Kurtz info had it that IF 7-9 were made, they'd be a minimum of 20 years after ROTJ. The Thrawn Trilogy is a mere 5 years after, and--while fun--it doesn't fit the criteria of a proper sequel trilogy.

Someone either earlier in this thread or in a similar thread went so far as to claim that Zahn wrote the Thrawn Trilogy based on screenplays of Episodes 7-9, but he either misheard or misread something about fans saying "The Thrawn Trilogy should be done as 7-9!" or he got the info from a troll-site like Supershadow's site; any fan worth his salt knows that George abandoned 7-9 back in the early '80s when it was decided that ROTJ would wrap everything up (thus, Leia becoming Luke's sister), and if he had anything written down about 'em, it was notes AT BEST and there's no way he'd let them be handed off to some other author to turn into books...that's how it worked in the '70s when he didn't know if Star Wars would be a hit or not, so Alan Dean Foster was charged with writing a sequel that could be filmed even cheaper than the first film should Star Wars not do so well, giving us Splinter of the Mind's Eye. In the '90s tho? If Lucas wanted to film a sequel trilogy, he'd just film a sequel trilogy... he certainly wouldn't spoil it by having it written up as novels released years in advance.

Anyway. I'd love to see it animated, provided they throw out all the character designs from the Dark Horse adaptation (ie no Mara in sleeveless catsuits, no Biker Gang Talon Karrde, etc) and maybe adapt some of the script(s) to fit some new info we've had since '91 (like, tweak the ysalamiri so they don't 'cancel' the Force, they just block communication of midichlorians between different life forms & objects in a certain radius, giving the illusion that they reside in a bubble void of the Force... it just makes Jedi 'blind' to the Force.

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03.29.2012 , 11:22 AM | #43
This thread was such a better read than "Nerf xxx class cuz yyy"

I may go ahead and checkout the thrawn trilogy, I read a few of the x-wing books a long long time ago and have always been meaning to get back into EU books.

good info here.
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