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Ablative/Hardened Plexoid gear...anyone seen these?

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Ablative/Hardened Plexoid gear...anyone seen these?

Noval's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 12:34 AM | #1
I've been able to get the Alblative Plexoid helm, gauntlets, and a saber from Hoth quests.

I can't find these though:

I can't find these, or any info on where they might be...I doubt they are drops in the bonus series based on the required level in the bonus series and the mods in these.

Feels like they SHOULD be in the Hoth 2 and 4 quests in the regular areas and just aren't there.

Anyone has any info I'd be appreciative, thanks!

Ridisi's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 03:40 AM | #2
More than likely they're drops.