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SOA 8man HM/Nm

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03.14.2012 , 06:35 PM | #31
We've seen the double pop from balls in NiM.

Once we figured out what was occasionally happening we were able to deal with it.

Sure it hurts, as a sawbones I have no speeds so I'll generally take 1 tick of the AoE running in (5K dmg in Nim) then the ball will pop causing around 7500 to me. Now thats easy to manage, however we did notice that sometimes the ball would double pop, Causing the 5K on run in then 2 instant hits of 7.5K right after. Totaling ~20K instant damage.

Its not a common thing but you have to act as if every ball will do it, so make sure your ball runners are topped off and using Defensive CDs / have sage bubble etc .. whatever they can.

Most of the time .. it wont double pop and your runner will take next to no damage, on the occasions that it does double pop they will walk away ... which is the important part.

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03.14.2012 , 06:41 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Inzi View Post
The swapping of targets can happen under two circumstances:
1) The person the ball was destined for died.
2) The person the ball was destined for vanished.

In both of those cases, the ball chooses a new target and it is NOT announced. Is it possible that either of these happened with your stray balls?
Yea I'm definitely aware of what happens when something happens to the target. But actually now something different happens. Now when someone gets airborne or dies, the ball moves to a specific spot right next to Soa and doesn't come after anyone. They stay on the NW side of Soa and stay there til they fade.

In my case, the balls spawned in and came directly towards me. I am sure of this because I was expecting it to happen and moved to the far north side ahead of time. A ball came for me right after it spawned, two more times.

I know its hard to believe me, but we have been doing EV forever and Im very familiar with the ball mechanics. I was even telling my guild this over TS as it was happening and I'm not even sure THEY believed me, based on the silence I received.
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