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New Player Mentorship Thread

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New Player Mentorship Thread
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Belly's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 08:58 AM | #31
Quentyn -48 Gunslinger

Raizen -28 Commando

Meris -23 Sentinel

Server: Lord Calypho

English/Some German

I have other chars but most of my time is divided between these three. I'm always willing to help new players
Larcen 50(ish) Scoundrel Scrapper/Sawbones "They see me rollin...they hatin. They whining and sayin that I need some nerfin"
The Progenitor
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TheLastWolfman's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 08:59 AM | #32
Happy to help

Server - Darth Malak

Republic - Vanguard Lvl 50

Player name - Wolfman

NB I am actually based in the UK, so I tend to play around the 6PM - 12 PM GMT slot.


TheRealMike's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:04 AM | #33
Count me in.

"Thade" or "Thate" on Cassus Fett.
Just point me in the direction of the action!

Zakua's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:05 AM | #34
PVP Server, active. West Coast.

Imperial BH

Small guild with friends and familia onboard. We say bad things, drink beer and spit on pubs. Good times and I can offer up some help any time =)
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helpmenow's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:05 AM | #35
Ayy - Imperial Agent, Empire - Vrook Lamar RP-PvE.

Also helpful in MMO RP.
55 Ayy Operative Medic
55 Tadia Immortal Juggernaut
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Baaddare's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:06 AM | #36
Character Name: Tilada Alt name: Ravina, Akuja
LVL 50 Sorcerer
Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Guild: Might and Magic
Now Minsc is in charge SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!

venomlash's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:06 AM | #37
I'm on Vrook Lamar, in the guild Spark of Hope. My main, which is at lvl 50, is Jarrant (DPS Commando). I do have an alt at lvl 1, a Jedi Consular named Hiwao-Merafi, who is probably going to become Another Jedi Sage Healer. Feel free to look me up if you have questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleArcher View Post
Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
Jarrant Gartin, Gunnery Commando, Spark of Hope, Begeren Colony

JoyProtocol's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:06 AM | #38
I would absolutely love to provide guidance.

Server: The Swiftsure
Faction: Republic

Character name: Arcadius as well as Jarilo whom I will be starting to level.

I already provide a lot of help to people in the game, and would love to help newcomes come to their own and enjoy the game. I may even make you a gun while I'm at it

smexymage's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:07 AM | #39

Uthar Wynn - Seethe
The Tomb of Freedon Nadd - Vashkar


The Red Eclipse - Castus
. Never Forget

JovethGonzalez's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:15 AM | #40 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by KyoMamoru View Post
I'm confused, I thought the limitation was that the trial accounts cannot:
Use General Chat. [only say]
Can only reply to whispers.
Cannot use the mail system.
Cannot trade.
Cannot go anywhere except first two planets, Warzones, and the fleet.
So, how are these strangers supposed to get our attention?
Nice catch! I've amended my original post, as the Weekend Pass Free Trial players will, unfortunately, not be able to initiate a whisper.