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Republic Side: Trooper or Jedi Consular, Help!

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Republic Side: Trooper or Jedi Consular, Help!

DoubleLSquared's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 11:27 AM | #1
Hey guys, as release date comes closer, i am still undecided between trooper and consular. I like the idea of ranged dps altho i dont mind getting close as the trooper, but these both classes really appeal to me.

I know i want to be doing dps and will mainly be doing pvp. If i go consular i know i will be going sage, altho i dont know how the dps from sages compares to other classes that i know do good dps such as BH and IA and their mirrors. And I also do not want to play an overpopulated class.

Anyone can shed some light on which I should choose????

Thanks all!