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You guys messed up. Will I have to pay for it?

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You guys messed up. Will I have to pay for it?

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12.16.2011 , 11:20 AM | #1
Hello. Im with my friend now, this is his account and he sits next to me so I can post, since my account will not work. I originally purchased this game on the same date as my 2 other friends, entered the pre-order code, and assumed I was good to go. Right? Wrong. Due to a glitch or something in your system I had to go through the email customer support, which after 2 days they finally fixed it(code worked the first time, then when i came back to check on it, it said I had no key activated. Then I had to email them and wait for them to fix the problem). I then called about 20 times, finally got into the que for customer support, and waited 2 and a half hours for a real person to get in contact with me. Pretty much what I got was "Oh. Yeah we messed up dude. You can suck it up and deal with our ********, here is a nice preview of what is to come".

So do I get some kind of compensation? Maybe my $5 thats gone to waste due to the companies incompetence? Or, should I sit back and watch as I pretend to be amazed that your customer service is garbage, and you can't handle getting the key activation system working properly? I'm sorry, but that is a sick and pathetic joke. I really hope that I see some type of compensation. I hope that if you do what I gave you my money to do, you will do it. Stealing from me is not a good way to start off, as no one likes that.

If need be, I will post my email address. or my forum username is "-___-" if its easier to look it up that way.