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How do you level up!?

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How do you level up!?

Wolfninjajedi's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 08:24 PM | #1
Figured this would be a neat thread, sharing ideas on how others level and some could give it a try if any have some different means of lvling instead of just doing all the planet quests and such(did it with my SW and Smug). As for me here is what I have done with 1 character(trooper/vanguard), and am doing it with another(IA/sniper).

I level by just pvp/space combat dailies with the occasional FP thrown in if I am feeling up to it and companion convos. It takes some time, and I usually just stop after doing the dailies and then the next do it all over again....yes it takes time and requires patience but its more to enjoy the story more then rushing through lvls.

Now heres whats interesting, I only lvl to the end lvl of the planet I am going to. So for instance

Balamora: 16-20- lvl to 20 then do the class story

Nar Shadda: 20-24- lvl to 24 then class story

etc, etc

This not only slows down lvling to the point, where your not bored near the end. But it also makes the class quest, much easier and your STILL getting XP from the class quest when you start it. Sometimes even, you could gain another lvl just by doing the class quest so your next lvling up won't take as long.

Anyway, so folks how do you lvl up?!
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03.11.2012 , 09:26 PM | #2
I am an altaholic. I've played nearly every class to at least 20.

As such, if I switch servers or start leveling a new character, I PvP from 14-20. I would PvP from 10-20 if it didn't feel like I was killing my team by being so slow.

so yeah, PvP from 14-20. I also PvP enough to get a new weapon whenever one's available with warzone commendations, and I PvP from around 35-40 in order to get all that level 40 PvP gear.

Other than that, I PvE level.

Droidist's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 06:20 AM | #3
PVE for the most part. I tried PVP but got a little tired of Hutt ball over and over. Space combat is fun at first, then to me it got annoying (read I kept dying before the mission was even half over and didn't like that!).

If you're on a high pop server pvp can be a nice change of pace - so all my republic toons. I have some toons on a low pop server - empire toons, and I gave up waiting for the cue to pop, so only did pve.
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03.12.2012 , 06:40 AM | #4
Up until 10, I do all the side quests and class quests on the starter planet. My first toon has done most the side quests on the imperial side beyond so maybe my first republic toon will as well; but I have not found much reason to, TBH. Especially since I rolled a counselor and the less he talks the better. Sounds like someone trying to sound like a bad Keanu Reeves or something. Worst voice yet.

Anyway; once I get to 10 I PvP the dailiy and then some. I actually like to get to 14 or 15 then go do the 2nd planet class quest so I can get around better. Half the time, my teams are so bad; I don't think my speed is so significant.

From there, it is whatever I am in the mood for but I like to do Warzones and get to 20 so I can get the first PvP gear. Wish I could have more than 1k tokens at a time though. usually build up almost 500 Merc Tokens just to keep me under the cap up to 20; but I will cap those eventually.

Zoozy's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 06:46 AM | #5
10-12 Warzone + 2xWarzone quest
12-15 Warzone + Class quest only
15-16 Space Missions
16-20 Warzone + Space + Balmora Class quest only
20-24 Warzone + 2xWarzone quest +Space + Nar Shadda Class quest + few planet quest
24-28 Warzone + Space + Tatooine Class quest + few planet quest
28-32 Warzone + 2xWarzone quest + Space + Alderaan Class quest + all planet quest + planet story quest

I try skip "Story planet quest line" because i can't abandon it.

At my 1st character im used "Only quest mode". Now im trying skip/abandon all quest and get all fun at Warzones.
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Moondancerbb's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 10:14 AM | #6
Currently have 3 50's

1 Sorcerer All PVE all the time with flashpoints mixed in.

2. Operative always was in a group either pve pvp or flashpoint no solo.

3. Power tech All PvP all the time

There are ton of ways to level in any game but these were my experience so far in this one. As far as most fun i would have to say Number two having a solid group of people to play with its just fun no matter what your doing.

thrashpower's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 10:43 AM | #7
I have 5 level 50.
I only care about class quest and the time it takes to get to 50.
The basics of my levling is.

- Power through all quests on a planet with a friend
- Always do new space missions (never bother with the dailies tho)
- Spam rank1 and 2 gifts from gift vendor on all companions, level with treasure hunting for level 5 gifts (haven't done the math but companion dialogs hold a lot of xp, guessing somewhere between 500k-700k)
All companions have 10k affection around level 40 (its a money sink though).

Since I wish to complete my class story I generally skip 2-3 planets sidequests, usually Taris (as republic), Voss and Nar Shadda Bonus.

My last three characters took 3 days /played to hit 50 with fully completed class quests, I guess I can bring it down to 2days if I skip the class quests completely and just power through planets.
I found it to be a complete waste to pvp before 50, takes too long to save up bags which I can get just as fast at level 50. But with the new valor boost/commendation boost I am guessing it might actually be useful now. Still think its stupid that you don't get full xp from losing a wz like you did last year.

Onager's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 11:35 AM | #8
I try to leave a planet at the high end of its level spectrum so that commendations remain useful. I don't do bonus series until Belsavis.

I do every space daily that isn't grayed out.

I do heroics and Flashpoints as they come up.

Generally I can get away with just doing my class story and planet story quests for each planet and then move along to the next, considering the free exp I'm getting elsewhere.

Pet affection is good free experience.
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03.12.2012 , 12:01 PM | #9
I am working on my 4th, 3 at Lv50 working HMs and Ops...

Explore/Lore/Datacrons as I level, first time was I breeze through even the hardest datacrons. This can easily gain you an "extra" level per planet.

Organize quests, clear an area entirely of normal quests, plan it out and pass an area ONCE (including class quests)..don't track heroics. Keep general chat open, if u see LF1M for heroics...go...if not, abandon all heroics at end of planet and go to next planet.

You would be surprised how quickly you can level this way. Heroics are probably your worst time/xp return in game, especially if you are unlucky enough to group with "first timers".

WinterWraith's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 01:46 PM | #10
My leveling method of choice is by gaining experience points.

More seriously, my OCD compels me to completely every single side quest on the planet before leaving it, gray to me or not.