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Imperial Bonus Series Missions Nar Shaddaa

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Imperial Bonus Series Missions Nar Shaddaa

Anglerx's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 02:34 PM | #1
Can anyone tell me who is the mission giver for the Imperial Bonus Series missions and where can I find them?

Eternalnight's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 02:44 PM | #2
In Nar shaddaa

Hi_Im_A_Sith's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 03:40 PM | #3
Firstly, remember that you have to be level 28 to even start it, and that the quests are low 30s.

Pretty sure there's a quest giver on the fleet.

Eternalnight's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 04:00 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Hi_Im_A_Sith View Post

Pretty sure there's a quest giver on the fleet.
There is but that just tells you to go to Nar Shaddaa, but you can skip that part (and save yourself the time wasted on multiple loading screens) by going directly to Nar Shaddaaa

cougon's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 05:54 PM | #5
The quest giver for the bonus chain on Nar Shaddaa, for either side, is in the middle of the spaceport area on Nar Shaddaa, between the two counters that look like shopkeeps. I've seen the quest giver with a greyed out quest available triangle since my toons aren't high enough yet, so I know they're there. Once you go down the elevator from your docking bay and move to the center region where all four docking bays empty out to, there will be a counter to your left and right in the center of the room. The bonus quest giver is located between them, standing at the end of one of them.
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03.12.2012 , 09:49 AM | #6
For the republic ( I have to assume its the same for the Empire) The initial quast was given to me by one fo my companions (Kira-JK , Aric - Trooper).

If you havnt reached enough affection in time, you can also start the chain from Fleet, or, from an NPC when you arrive in Nar Shadaa.