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Question re: linear & prefix rev eng (possible rev eng bug)

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Question re: linear & prefix rev eng (possible rev eng bug)

Subatomix's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 01:50 PM | #1
So I thought I understood it pretty well from reading the sticky in this forum.

Prefix procs on things you can equip.

Linear procs on things you can't.

Ok fine. I've been doing that, mainly for linear stuff (ie., things I can't wear at my level in preparation for when I get there). Occasionally when I have nothing else to do I try to proc prefix stuff for items at my level that might be useful.

But I find when I try to go from blue to purple via the prefix path, I NEVER get to purple. I mean NEVER. It absolutely hasn't happened yet.

But for linear stuff the proc from green -> blue -> purple is about 10 rev engs on average.

Am I missing something or just having horrible luck on the prefix stuff?

Or, do you have to rev eng ALL THREE of the blue prefix stuff before rev eng'ing the corresponding purples?

Also, what happens if you rev eng from green to blue via linear, THEN go from blue to purp via prefix (eg., you reach the level where you can equip that item and now want to make it into a purple).

EDIT: I think I have answered part of my question and it's actually a BUG in the game. I was rev eng'ing some earpieces from green to blue ABOVE my level and I discovered a PREFIX schematic ... whereas I was supposed to find the LINEAR one since I wasn't high enough level yet. I think that must have been a bug. So I kept trying to rev eng that PREFIX blue item in the hopes of getting a PREFIX purple (before I was able to equip it). But that's not supposed to happen either, and doesn't seem to.

BTW the bugged item rev eng was from green "Entropic Awareness Chip (lvl 47)" to blue "Redoubt Entropic Awareness Chop (lvl 47)." I must have rev eng'ed 30 of the latter when I was level 46 and just wasted all that time and material. ;-(
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downface's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 02:28 PM | #2
Whether or not you can equip an item has nothing to do with the RE path it takes. No idea where you could have gotten that idea.

downface's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 02:32 PM | #3
Ok, I think I see now where you got confused. You are assuming too much about how the RE system works. You assume that item modifications are "not equippable" and that is wrong. Then you take it a further step by linking "not equippable" to items that are above your level.

As far as getting the purple schematics, you are just unlucky.

Subatomix's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 09:54 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by downface View Post
Whether or not you can equip an item has nothing to do with the RE path it takes. No idea where you could have gotten that idea.
It says so in the sticky. I see where I may be taking it too literally wrt. the mods. But what about earpieces?

Either way, what DOES govern the path a rev eng takes? IE., prefix or linear.

EDIT: Ah, I see. Don't know why I missed this before. From the sticky:

"Reverse Engineering can follow 2 possible paths. Which path the item you are trying to RE follows depends on whether or not it is equippable. If an item can be equipped directly to your character (Weapons and Armor) it will follow the prefix path. If it cannot be equipped directly (Mods, Stims, Etc.) it will follow the linear path."

So mods are linear and earpieces are prefix. Fine. I've been unlucky. Really, really unlucky.

As an aside, I do notice that linear prog items proc much, much more easily.
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Loreki's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 11:18 AM | #5
By non-equippable in the sticky they mean not equippable at all, i.e. consumable items like those created by biochem. Anything at all which is a gear that could be worn (whether by you or anyone else) follows the prefix path.

As to how the RE chances work: It gets more difficult with each "tier" (green> blue is easier than blue > purple) and more difficult depending on the level of the item. For example, level 10 green > blue will be the quickest and level 50 blue > purple will be the hardest. However, it all comes down to luck and these rules only help explain the probabilities behind RE - not the actual time it will take you to get there.

Also, one extra wrinkle. All prefix gears seem to have 3 tiers. Their starter tier, tier 1 and tier 2. They don't always match up with gear colours. So if you learnt it and it was blue to begin with the piece will go blue> purple > better purple. The trick to keeping up with that is that the prefix names themselves. Redoubt/overkill/critical is tier 1 (the first discovery) - regardless of the colour of the gear.
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