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How to avoid flash point resetting itself?

KantaUO's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 12:07 PM | #1
It has happened twice to me now.

1st time guild run, we died on hk and when we tried to some back in the instance reset itself from the very beginning. The group leader dc'd
I'd fight and came back after 5 minutes.

2nd time was a pug in which group leader left for RL issues and passes group lead to me prior to leaving group. After I found a replacement, we zoned in and it was reset...

Any way to avoid these bugs?

Flain's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 05:55 PM | #2
Get Blizzard in to fix it?...

DenitharPurloin's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 06:04 PM | #3
Just happened to my group as well on False Emperor. Very annoying. We died at the bonus boss and couldn't be bothered to re-play the entire instance again because it happened to re-set itself. 8(

CeaphusIII's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 07:27 AM | #4
when you have started a flashpoint and the leader is changed in the group(someone DC'd or passes lead) all actice FP's are reset for that group. so if you want to avoid it dont switch leaders and if you do switch dont Die!