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Redeem Code at account home page


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12.13.2011 , 11:00 AM | #21
My understanding is that, the pre-order allows you to play on the account up to 5 days in advance. Which being you ordered the game you can play on your account and do what needs to be done in the mean time. The subscription code should be emailed to you if not all ready listed in your Origin under the icon for SW:TOR. Should be a [I] button once you click on it should be able to see the code. ((granted not at home so can't confirm this)) but from my experience with Origin each digital deluxe item on your account has a code registered to it. An from past experience with EA the code won't be email to you til the day before launch. So not sure if this helps, but I believe those who get into the early access will be able to play the days til launch for free, and the subscription time starts on the official launch date.

So could be wrong.... but wouldn't be the first time

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