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Armstech and GTN

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03.12.2012 , 06:00 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Stryges View Post
You are right about during the leveling process, it is just annoying that the best thing we can make for a level 50 is replaced by a half hour of work once they reach 50.
If it's belsavis you can even start as early as lvl 47, depending on how you go about it, your gear(and that of companion) class makes it quite doable to even solo the heroic + 2 class, the other dailies can be soloed regardless.
The nice thing about the heroic +2 one is the fact that it gives you a purple mod as well and well the ones you can buy from the mission support vendor is 8 commendations.
So repeat every 2 days or so and you can buy 1.