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PVP Spec-Assuming its Annihilation

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PVP Spec-Assuming its Annihilation

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03.09.2012 , 01:11 PM | #1
Ok guys I need some help. Been rolling with carnage since the launch of the game, I find it to be a great PVE spec for what i do/play style. I am coming here though cause I am tired of getting face rolled in PVP. Some classes I can destroy as carnage, others just sit there and lol at me. What is the current "pvp" spec if someone could help. If its the one in the sticky I will use that. Thanks again

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03.09.2012 , 01:29 PM | #2
You should definitely research this topic before posting about it since every other thread has to do with questions regarding Annihilation spec in PvP. Here's what I posted in another thread just two or three days ago:

Overall Gameplay Tips:
My current build:

- Empowerment is situational; that one extra rage is negligible and you shouldn't have too many problems generating rage if you have a solid rotation.
- 3/3 Malice is very important since with the 15% crit guaranteed towards DoTs stack additatively, you have a 21% added chance to crit on your DoTs. This is amazing.
- You could take two points out of Subjugation and put them into Phantom -- just remember than a 6 second interrupt and a 45 sec CD Obfuscate is amazing and should not be passed up (however Phantom is also an amazing skill).
- You could also take two points out of Subjugation and put them into Empowerment but I wouldn't recommend it.
- Some people put two points into Defensive Roll instead of Enraged Charge in the Carnage tree but I personally believe that that one extra rage gained when you Charge in is paramount to a successful Anni rotation.
- Some people also don't put points into Seeping Wound (and put them into Phantom/Empowerment/whatever) but I found that having to sneak in Crippling Slash in my rotation instead of relying on a native slow added to one of our most important skills was just too good to pass up -- and it really destabilized my playstyle.

More tips and techniques:
- You want to avoid Charging into fights. You want to run up to your enemy, get him to blow his KB, then charge in. With Close Quarters, if you're fighting a Trooper/Sorc or an enemy that is reliant on casting skills, definitely use Charge as an interrupt as well. You should have three interrupts technically: Disruption, Charge, and Force Choke. Save these abilities when the other players are blowing their best abilities.
- Your rotation should be the following:
  1. Charge
  2. While Charging, activate Deadly Saber
  3. Battering Assault
  4. Rupture
  5. Annihilate
  6. Assault/Obsfucate/other abilities until you maintain more than 5+ rage to always be ready to cast Annihilate since its CD lowers at each cast
- Don't jump in 1 v 2, 1 v 3, etc. If you see a teamate is being jumped by a bunch of enemies, don't try to be a hero and save him or sacrifice yourself by taking one enemy down. You're not helping your team. Try to play a support role by assisting your teammates and staying close with them and focus firing targets. Your damage should help bring targets down fast but only if you focus fire. Don't sit on that BM Sorc that's self-healing himself/herself for 30 seconds until you can finally kill him/her (sure you're keeping him/her out of the fight but you could be doing so much more).
- Use Predation as an escape tool or as a tool to grab health packs and damage bonus tokens before enemies and your teammates. Also use it if you're playing Huttball as the speed increase is invaluable.
- Make sure to always have 2/2 Short Fuse so each of your abilities will generate 4 fury. So 8 abilities will generate 30 Fury (which is very easy to get) and you should be able to spam Berserk on a target consistently. Save your power trinket for when you have 30 Fury, pop trinket, Berserk, then Rupture -> Annihilate. That's usually a big damage maker. Save your crit trinket when you're about to hit someone with Annihilate to increase your chance of a big hit.

That's what I can think of on top of my head. Just remember that you're not rambo (not yet anyways...) and that you're fragile. Pick your fights carefully and don't hesitate to run away from fights to go hide and heal if you see you're going to lose miserably. Last but not least, practice, practice, practice and don't get discouraged while getting your PvP gear since a good chunk of your time will be spent getting your butt kicked for a while.

Overall Defensive Tips:
In terms of defending CDs, I always try to pop Clock of Pain against a melee target (also useful against force casters and ranged too of course) since the spell will last you for 30 seconds if you're consistently being hit while if you wait 6 seconds, the effect will go away.

Saber Ward is an amazing defensive ability with an, unfortunately, high 3:00 minute CD. I would use Saber Ward for 1 v 1 and other important fights against melee users since it reduces melee/ranged by 50% and tech/force attacks by only 25%. It's a great skill overall. Use it aggressively too, it will make a huge difference in many fights. Just don't use it if you're being jumped 1 v 3 or more since it'll be a waste and you will most likely die. It's good to use in 1 v 2 situations if you see back up coming or if you think you can take both players out.

Undying Rage should only be used when you have <25% hp since it'll cut any amount of HP you have in half. It's also situational such as you can pop it and walk through the fire in Huttball or if you're getting focus targeted like a madman, you can pop it so people will target others instead of wasting 3-4 seconds DPS'ing a target that's technically immune to damage.

And Predation is also a great escaping tool. That 50% speed increase is great to run away from fights.

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03.10.2012 , 01:07 AM | #3
check this dude out for some great play. you can get his spec from his vids.

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03.10.2012 , 09:00 AM | #4
check my sig for a good build.