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Weird bug in operation tuesday

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03.08.2012 , 06:22 PM | #1
So, my guild was going into nightmare karagga tuesday.

I set up the group and invited everyone. I then set the mode to 16 nightmare and reset all current operations. The icon on the instance door was the nightmare icon. All 16 of us went in. The first thing that seemed strange was the fact that the trash was able to be cced. We though, well maybe bioware nerfed 16 modes in tuesdays patch. But we only relized that some how we were stuck in an 8 man normal mode with 16 ppl when we got to bonethrasher and he had just over 1 mil hp.

We werent for certain which lockout it would give us so we killed him..he dropped 3 items plus the crafting schems and mats. On our lockout it showed karagga normal Bonethrasher.

Well we went outside. Dispanded the group. Someone else created it. They all went in, and then invited me. They were in the 16 man nightmare mode. But when i went in. I noticed the trash was still cleared. And i wasnt in the same instance as them.

I then proceeded to log onto my alt and join the raid. Well when i entered the instance..i was still in the cleared 8 man instance and not in the group.

Well we gave up on karagga's and decided ev nightmare instead. We went in. It was definitely set to nightmare this time. Well we got to the first boss and whiped.

When we went back in..we were all in and noticed there were 3 instances..and we were in the 3rd. and the turrets had respawned. We could not get back into the instance we had cleared up to the boss.

We said we tried karagga's again. This time i was able to get into the nightmare 16 mode. But 3-4 other ppl were still getting into the 8 man first boss cleared one.

We then decided it wasn't worth it so we gave up.
Anyone else experienced this?
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03.08.2012 , 07:01 PM | #2
Yeah, the wrong instance bug (not sure of the cause) can happen, even in FP. I have encountered it in FE. I suspect it was because not everyone clicked on that first terminal that starts the scene of going to the stealth armada at the same time. We would go in, if we died, some of us released and entered a new instance, and have to Exit and try again multiple times to get into the right instance.

Again, not confirming the cause, I think it is best to have everyone drop the quest (in FP) and the leader picking it up and sharing it. Don't know what you can do for an Op tho.