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Best Loot Distribution Method?

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03.09.2012 , 07:22 PM | #11
we just need/greed. considering how poorly both the columi/rakata pieces are itemized you need a ton of not only your own pieces, but other classes also to actually build a "decent" set. outside of specific set bonuses, and the armoring associated with them, set pieces are meaningless in terms of overall itemization.

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03.10.2012 , 12:10 AM | #12
My raid uses Master looter and generally the person who will receive the best upgrade generally gets the item. If another item drops for them again it will go to the next person if it is an upgrade for them also (to keep it fair).

For example: Person A has all tionese and Player B has columi. A will get the first upgrade (lets say Rakata). Now, same class item drops on next boss. Since Player A got the first item, player B will now get the next item.

Then if it's not an upgrade for either of the players everyone just rolls for the item to vendor/take out mods.

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03.10.2012 , 03:21 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by jessebyers View Post

A bunch of pretty well geared players on my server have come together and started a new guild. We did EV Hard last night and were planning on using DKP like we have in other MMOs in the past. However, we noticed that DKP might not be the best method for this game. Since the gear is so class specific we ran into certain classes spending min dkp for pants while some had to spend their max dkp for the same item on a different class. I know i could get around this by assigning item values, but we wanted to do a silent bid system.

Can people give me some ideas of the system they use? Loot ladder? Suicide DKP? Loot Council? I just want to develop a fair easy system that will work well with SWTOR. If there was more loot that was useful to more than one class it would make my DKP system easier to use but it's not the case. I feel that if I stay with DKP i need to have a master loot list and assign each item a value. If I do that, how should I break ties? Just /roll ?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've googled and googled and googled and still can't find a good answer.
We use Suicide/Spend all DKP.

You earn DKP for attending the raid and get points per boss kill. When an item drops, I link it in chat, those who want the item for main spec, whisper me. Winner is the one with highest DKP. Winners DKP is then reset to zero and he starts earning it back up after that. In case of a tie, those tied /roll. I reward 5 points per Boss kill and 10 points for the whole raid if you were on time and stayed till the end.

In game method I use Free-for-all, with threshold on prototype. Everyone turns off auto loot. I am the only who loots the boss, and when someone wins a Rakata piece, I click on it to bring up the roll box and everyone passes except for the winner. Columi and equivalent loot is randomed based on Need/Greed, Need if its an upgrade, greed for everything else ie off-spec, Comp. Crew skill mats are random to those who can use them in patterns they have.

We tried using Master Looter after it was fixed but it just takes to damn long to hand out gear that way. Because the only Gear we DKP is the Rakata stuff. Using master looter for everything else is ridiculous.
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03.10.2012 , 11:26 AM | #14
We do mostly loot council:

Columi, Exowhatever & all the random crap = free roll. Need for your character, greed for companion.

Rakata goes to Master Loot. Things to consider are how much loot each person has received recently, attendance, and performance. Usually things are a clearcut easy decision. If they're mostly equal, just roll. Loot Council doesn't have to be a long complicated process.
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03.10.2012 , 04:14 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by K_Schrimer View Post
Was it actually fixed? I havenít tested it yet.
I was under the impression that the Master Loot was fixed with the 1.1.5 patch, however I seemed to have trouble with it during my Guild Raid this week. It seemed to work just fine on the bosses where you loot their corpse, but bugged out on the chests. We had to use a workaround to get it. The Master Looter would assign the loot to that player, it would show up as given to that player in the chat logs, but the item would not leave the chest to go to that players inventory. That particular player would have to be given Master Loot privileges, and loot the item loot the item for themselves, then rotate through every player.

Now... I haven't read much on this yet, so it could have been a one time thing, or perhaps something we did incorrectly.... Or perhaps there's still a little tweaking to be done with the mechanic.

If anyone else has any info on this, it'd be greatly appreciated. I've submitted a bug report ticket, but I've yet to get a response so far.

If by chance it is still a little buggy, I hope it gets hotfixed soon. Master Loot in our guild setting would be very helpful.

(And BTW, the previews for Update 1.2 looks great. Of course, there are certain things people like more than others, and everyone has different opinions on what's a priority, so I'm sure there will be some interesting discussion... but i definitely see it as a great step in the right direction, and there are quite a few features I'm personally excited for.)

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03.10.2012 , 04:40 PM | #16
Sounds like a few of you guys waste more time in operations discussing how to distribute loot than actually playing.

Our loot distribution after killing bosses takes approximately one minute and follows these basic rules:

1. Round robin
2. Looter turns off auto-loot (for one roll at a time if need be)
3. Need if you need it for the character you're playing (tokens for your class, vehicles you don't yet have, etc.)
4. Greed all else (non-set gear, tokens you don't need but would like to have, etc.)

Master looter and WKP (Wookiee Kill Points) sounds fine for a 25-man raid or higher, but definitely not needed for 8 and probably not 16 as long as you are good friends with everyone in the operation. Gear drops so consistently in the operations that anyone ninja-ing will hardly be a setback.
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