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Coming in Game Update 1.2

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.08.2012 , 10:45 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
There are a number of new features coming to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ with Game Update 1.2, “Legacy”. This includes new playable content, like Operations and Warzones, as well as new game systems like Guild Banks, Player-vs-Player Warzone ranking, and the next evolution of Legacy. Check out all of the exciting new content coming up in this video!

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03.08.2012 , 11:01 AM | #2
Please tell me someone is going to do a complete breakdown of this video! There were so many things flashing that trying to watch and read and examine was not possible.

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03.08.2012 , 11:02 AM | #3

This is a pretty good summary of the Guild Summit

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03.08.2012 , 11:04 AM | #4
And it is coming to a galaxy far far away....... WHEN?

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03.08.2012 , 11:06 AM | #5





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03.08.2012 , 11:06 AM | #6
Maybe i missed it, so apologies if this is a stupid question- but when is 1.2 coming?

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03.08.2012 , 11:06 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Coming in Game Update 1.2
Meh... Looks nice but I would rather have a group finder and be able to pick which warzones I queue for.

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03.08.2012 , 11:06 AM | #8
Simple question! When is it coming. I can't wait the the UI changes and the improved textures.

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03.08.2012 , 11:07 AM | #9
The changes in 1.2 put the final nail in the coffin for my subscription. You guys and gals dropped a bomb on Star Wars lore. With your inability to put appropriate Crystal Color solutions into place.

Remove the LS / DS restrictions but, if only on the RP servers you should add restrictions that adhere to the traditions during this time period (Sith and blaster shooting classes use red only, etc).

Ability to have a Bounty Hunter Force Choke someone is a joke as well. Why didn't you just unlock skills that don't give someone such a large Force advantage like that? Such as Imperial Agent unlocks a Stealth Generator skill. Or Jedi Consular can unlock your ability to rally your allies with a temporary buff.

You decided the ability for a Trooper to Force Lightning was okay because his dad was a Pureblood Sith Inquisitor? Seems pretty far fetched.

I really think your design team needs to do a better job of customer profiling and reviewing analytic data on your community of players.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."
~Bill Gates
"’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away."
~Doug Warner

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03.08.2012 , 11:07 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by PaganDevil View Post
Maybe i missed it, so apologies if this is a stupid question- but when is 1.2 coming?
Was March but it's been pushed back to April.