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Email invite wave updates - December 16 (Friday)

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Email invite wave updates - December 16 (Friday)

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12.15.2011 , 08:33 AM | #1
Morning! We are entering into the final stretch for outstanding invites. Those of you who pre-ordered in December should be happy today - barring any major issues.

I'll update this thread as we send invites. As a reminder, we're also updating our official Twitter accounts (@SWTOR, @SWTOR_FR and @SWTOR_DE) with the invites as they sent; that'll be more up-to-the-minute than this post.

For anyone who's not yet been invited, remember to have the email address in your address book so it doesn't hit spam filters.

Assuming you have the SWTOR client installed, you can also periodically launch it. If you're ready to go your 'play' button will be click-able.

Wave One was sent at 8AM CST (6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM GMT / 3PM CET).

Wave Two was sent at 10:20AM CST (8:20AM PST / 11:20AM EST / 4:20PM GMT / 5:20PM CET).

Wave Three was sent at 10:55AM CST (8:55AM PST / 11:55AM EST / 4:55PM GMT / 5:55PM CET).

Wave Four was sent at 12:05PM CST (10:05AM PST / 1:05PM EST / 6:05PM GMT / 7:05PM CET).

Wave Five was sent at 1:05PM CST (11:05AM PST / 2:05PM EST / 7:05PM GMT / 8:05PM CET).

Wave Six was sent at 2:05PM CST (12:05PM PST / 3:05PM EST / 8:05PM GMT / 9:05PM CET).