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Improvements for playing with friends

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Improvements for playing with friends

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12.16.2011 , 08:58 AM | #1
I'm not sure if this is the right area for suggestions, but it seemed the closest match.

I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that would improve the ability to play with friends in this game. My basic scenario is that I have a group of 8-10 friends that I've grouped with in various MMOs. Not everyone has the same schedule of days/times when they can play. Several of TOR's game mechanics make it difficult to group up or find friends when they are logged into the game. I'd like to offer the following suggestions for future releases.

1. Introduce a sidekick/exemplar feature
These concepts allow people of any level to group up. Lower level players can be brought up to higher levels and higher level players can be bumped down to lower levels. Adjusting the abilities, experience, getting to planets, etc. appropriately is a whole other discussion, but I think the core idea is good. As it stands now, I don't know when my friends are going to start playing, so I have to keep a bunch of characters sitting idle at various levels so I can be in their level range to help them when they start.

Eight character slots sounds like a lot, but they fill up quickly when you have to have a bunch of characters just to be able to play with your friends. It's even worse at the lower levels because not all classes start on the same planet, so I have to have double the characters to make sure I'll be in the right place to help.

2. Global friend ability
I would love the ability to friend someone at a global level, and not have to log in every combination of alts we both have to friend each other. You currently have to log in every combination of characters so you can friend them all. And unless I'm doing something wrong, it doesn't look like you can friend a Republic character to an Imperial character. What if my friend is playing solo on the opposite faction until others log into the game? How would I even know he or she is in the game at that point?

Having a global friend cuts down on a lot of that hassle and makes it far easier to keep in contact with people. I realize that forming a guild will help with some of that, but it doesn't solve everything. They could also introduce some "hidden" feature if people want to go off on their own for a bit and not be contacted. Having a global identifier would also be a great way to globally ignore griefers -- no more hiding behind alts.