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Bioware should be punished. There is no way they do not know this exists.

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Bioware should be punished. There is no way they do not know this exists.
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03.21.2012 , 12:36 AM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
1) You say that me stating that our HoT's are good is propaganda, I ask what I would have to gain from spreading propoganda. It seems more reasonable to say that what I said is simply focusing on the positive and hence has no place on a whinefest forum like our classes sadly is.
Actually I was saying the other stuff is propaganda. Stuff that sounds good, but is nothing more than a logical fallacy that never actually works in practice.

You know, comparable to the crowd that likes to argue that stealth is a gap-closer for Concealment Ops.

Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
2) I mentioned clenses, in fact I mentioned them as a strong point of the OP because ours happens to be very cheap and on a relatively short cooldown. As a DoT based spec I do know how frustrating it can be to have to restart my rotation because of a clense, although its not used very often.

3) If you are having trouble with blind spots...
Whoosh. Still didn't bother looking at the cleanses I see.
All the cleanses have the same cast time, same cooldown, and similar costs.

The difference is in the "blind spots" I referred to, or things they just don't cleanse.
BH/Commando and Op/Scoundrel healers can cleanse tech, physical, and (if talented) mental.
Sorc/Sage can cleanse force, mental, and (if talented) physical.

Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
4) Evasion is the single best defense skill you have, and unless you intend to martyr yourself for the sake of a goal or to save a teammates life, there is no reason it should be concidered an opportunity cost. A couple of examples for those who don't understand the skills value. Its uses include but are not limited to, stopping a sniper/slinger from touching you at all, shutting down a lethality operative or madness sorc, shutting down a pyrotech/assault trooper, in combination with debilitate for getting to 8 meters away from a pissed of sent/marauder without having to deal with their slows, for a flawless restealth, for ignoring aoe weapon attacks (again, marauders, snipers and mercs), ect.

7) If your having trouble sneaking about, and I mentioned this before, we have sneak for a reason. Generally, you shouldn't need stealth as anything but a positioning tool and getaway mechanism. To that end you can think of it as camo rather then stealth. Don't walk within 10M of enemies faces without using sneak, avoid running through the middle of a fight where you are certain to get hit with AOE's, and if you really are a medic, then don't forget to clense before you restealth! You don't even need evasion to get away clean.
You do need Evasion to get away clean. Tech DoTs don't all have cooldowns like Force DoTs. So even if you're only facing Tech DoTs, it's easy to reapply as soon as they see the cleanse.

Seeing as Cloaking Screen is a far more powerful defensive cooldown than Evasion (which says a lot seeing as how it turns us into paperweights for 10s ), it's generally counter intuitive to use Evasion when CS isn't on cooldown.

Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
5) You state that our HoT's are crappy, what is your point of reference? If you concider the out of combat recuperation skill that every class has as a HoT then sure, were pathetic. Otherwise I challenge you to find another class that can drop 4k woth of HoT on multiple targets while on the move which remain active even if you are on the other side of the map and provide you with unlimited TA's.
4k worth of lolHoT? Seems high to me, but hey, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since I haven't played my Op healer in over a month.

Oh wait, you mean double stacked KP spread over the 18s ticking at ~600 per 3s, don't you?... Are you really trying to say that isn't pathetic?

Oh, and feeding into this next point, TA procs aren't unlimited. They have an internal cooldown of 6s.

Quote: Originally Posted by wishihadaname View Post
6) You say our instants are crappy and mentioned free cast SP's. Simply the fact that you mentioned free cast SP's leads me to suspect that you had a marauder chopping away at your face as you were trying to out heal him with an 80% reduction. If your target is consistantly at 30% health so that free cast SP's become a key tactic and not an "Ohh crap" button you are doing it wrong. As for the other instants, nanotech is useful if a fight is primarily close range as it heals your entire team with 0 effort on your part, clense is cheap, fast to cooldown, and neuters pyrotechs, lethality ops, and madness sorcs as well as provides a bit of healing if specced, and as mentioned before, 2 kolto probes on a target = 2-3 TA's + 4-5K healing again with 0 effort and next to not energy cost.
You might notice I described SP as "free". Notice the quotation marks?
Should I have put an asterisk with fine print legal jargon instead to indicate I wasn't referring to using it only <30% health?

That said, it's still what, ~3k on a high crit?
*shrug* Meh, it's "free", can't expect it to be overwhelmingly decent.

"nanotech ... heals your entire team with 0 effort on your part"?
Ok, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt if you're in a 4 man all within 10m of each other.
You're still (pre-1.2) healing for about a double stack KP every 3s... again mediocre at best.

Lol "cleanse neuters madness sorcs". You funny, and as I said in my first post, clueless.

"2 kolto probes on a target = 2-3 TA's + 4-5K healing again with 0 effort and next to not energy cost."

Only if the RNG love you long time will you get 3 TA procs in the duration of a KP, as it has a 6s internal cooldown and a duration of 18s.

Is it a nice bonus? Sure. But not reliable and hardly worth writing home about.

L2P before trying to "educate" others, especially in class/specs you don't play.
"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with BioWare."
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