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12.16.2011 , 08:29 AM | #1
So far for the last 3 days. My game had donloaded got to the end as says repair. I have done this several times now it re-downloads and says repair again. I sent a message with full details of system and what i had done to fix this over 48 hours ago and no reply. Can your completley usless customer support either arrange for me to have a full re-fund or send me the disc version within next day 12h recival.

A couple of things i have done
1. Its run as admin
2. Custom install to a diffrent folder (was told windows 7 64bit was having this problem)
3. I use Bullguard and have turned it off while doing the download
4. Completly unistalled and removed the containing folders and re-installed
5. Copyed to my HD and put onto laptop (same here needs to fully download)
6. I have previosly contacted your support more than 48h ago!