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Horrid FPS

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04.06.2012 , 12:21 PM | #511
Have some new data to throw into this pile. I recently installed the game on my media center machine because my main box was being used to render. I was shocked at the results (well, shocked may be an overstatement). Here are the two machines:

Machine 1:
Intel i5
Radeon 5650 1G
4G Ram

Machine 2:
Pent E5300 Dual Core
Radeon 5450 512MB
4G Ram

Now here's the weird thing, with both machines SWTOR setting running on very low, they can both pull around 100 FPS everywhere. However, in Fleet and WZs, machine 1 (which SHOULD be the superior system) gets around 10-20 FPS, while machine 2 (the lower end machine) gets around 30-40 steadily EVERYWHERE, including Fleet and WZs. With that being said, Machine 1 can pull off a much more steady FPS with graphics options set to high (around 80-100) everywhere except WZs and Fleet.

I wasn't even sure Machine 2 could PLAY this game (it was designed as a media center), so it was quite a kick in the balls when it actually played it BETTER than my main rig.

I tested 1.2 and they both have significant improvements, however machine 2 still beats machine 1 in FPS in WZs.

The only MAJOR difference in these two are the OS bit. Is something going on with the x64 implementation maybe? Anyone getting great FPS with a mid range x64 system?

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04.08.2012 , 12:06 AM | #512
I'm really confused by this. In my house we have 4 SWTOR players, all with the exact same computers.

So, four computers in the house, all identical, 3 of which are playing the game beautifully while the 4th keeps getting this horrible stuttering.

Drivers up to date. He ran a repair through the launcher. Our settings in game are identical. We compared processes on both of our PCs. Comparable.

He hadn't had lag back in January (where as I did--weird?). Then over a month passed when he didn't play, and then wham! The Horrid FPS hit him. We're not sure what update is the culprit but something changed to affect his FPS in a big way.

Of note: this is not only in a WZ. Not only in a Flashpoint. Out in the open, no one around, no one else on the planet, not in combat. Just running and stuttering.

(EDIT: we just did another test for comparison. Standing side by side on DK in the initiates camp:
His fps cycles between numbers like 23-36-49-20-32-45-23 and so on.. standing still!
Mine stays between 90-97 standing still.)

Turning down graphics is an unacceptable "solution" for two reasons at least:
1: tried it and it made no difference.
2: we shouldn't have to render the game ugly and bland in order to play it. But, refer back to 1.

He followed the advice from the "NVidia & ATI (Gain FPS and Quality)" thread. Made no difference. But then we didn't really think it would (his being the only PC with the issues).

What gives?

HIS dxdiag (Horrid fps)
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04.08.2012 , 12:07 AM | #513
And by way of comparison (see my previous post)...

MY dxdiag (Runs like a dream aside from lag when opening UI windows, of course)
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04.08.2012 , 01:22 AM | #514
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunazen View Post
Turning down graphics is an unacceptable "solution" for two reasons at least:
1: tried it and it made no difference.

What gives?
It's the engine. It's FUBAR'd.
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04.08.2012 , 04:01 PM | #515
Totally not knowing if this has been posted before (with thousands upon thousands of posts, no easy way to tell).... but, we found a fix for the lag problem. Not sure if it will fix for everyone, but in case it can help out someone:

Went into the NVIDIA control panel and selected that 3D Rendering be done by GPU.

FPS went from a stuttering between 20 and 50 while standing still and dropping to the teens while moving to 70-80 while moving.

(It's worth a mention that, although they really did nothing for the lag, we tried fix #1 from this thread and the suggestion at the end of page on on this thread. Maybe the three things combined worked better than just the 3D rendering on the GPU alone).
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04.08.2012 , 05:15 PM | #516
I seem to get huge FPS drops whenever fog effects are on-screen and I'm using a reasonably high spec system, also overclocked. This only started happening after a patch in beta. They must have changed something which reduced the performance of the game.

But in the end I think it's down to a bad engine. God knows why they decided on this one when at the time they started development they could have taken e.g. unreal engine 2 (which they even used for ME 2&3) or even source, which are far more capable and can do everything this one can and more :/

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04.08.2012 , 06:13 PM | #517
I still haven't been able to continue because of the framerate. I AM using a bad laptop for gaming though.

How well does an Alienware X51 Desktop work with SW:TOR? Based off of the videos i've seen, it seems to work very well.

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04.08.2012 , 06:43 PM | #518
It's been my experience that this game favours processor speed over any other metric, I had a rig that was a Phenom II X3 @ 2.10 ghz, 4 gb ram, originally running an 8600 GT (512MB) card, I got an average of 5-7FPS on fleet, up to about 14 everywhere else. I upgraded the video card to a 430 GT w/ 1gb and barely noticed a 3-5 FPS difference. I then upgraded to a x4 Bulldozer @ 3.6Ghz, same video card (I added an extra 4 gb of ram, but I doubt very much that is the difference) and I'm getting a steady 20-25 FPS on fleet/WZs and upwards of 35 FPS elsewhere.

This is my observations, don't hate, I'm not saying everyone will get this, or that it makes ANY sense what so ever that better rigs then mine get lower FPS. I'll pull out a stick of ram later tonight and see if it makes any noticable difference with SW:TOR.

** Edit: This is with max settings, not that changing them to minimum made any difference on either rig. ***
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04.09.2012 , 02:47 PM | #519
kinda wondering if the low pop and unsubs are the reason this thread isnt moving like it was a few weeks ago..

Nothing has changed to make anything any better yet... and even the changes (that i have seen) on the PTserver dont help other than the inventory open and close lag.

Hope they fix this soon
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04.09.2012 , 02:49 PM | #520
If mine were doing as good as you I would be happy, I regularly run between 5-10 FPS. I can still play at 2 FPS. When absolutely nothing is going on, my game will max out at 25FPS.

when It bogs down for me, I drop to a whopping 0.1 FPS