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The Progenitor OOC RP chat channels

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The Progenitor OOC RP chat channels

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12.16.2011 , 07:18 AM | #1
Originally suggested by Rusalka at SWTOR-RP, there is a custom channel for both the Empire and Republic Roleplayers to discuss RP and chat.

If you're on the Republic type: /cjoin rprepublic

If you're on the Empire type: /cjoin rpempire

Hope to see you ingame.
"It's a subtle thing: the Sith and the Jedi aren't the good and bad guys; instead, it's more of a cultural distinction this far back in the Star Wars timeline. So you can be a good man and still fight the Jedi, and you can try to end the Sith through evil means." - Daniel Erickson