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What you think about personal ships in SWTOR

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What you think about personal ships in SWTOR

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03.05.2012 , 01:19 AM | #1
Idk I was really excited during development about having a personal ship. The idea made me feel like it really was my own adventure more so then the typical role playing elements in this type of mmo(Fantasy, Science Fiction). Although I like most of what they have done with this game .I can't really get myself to like the ships(space combat) even though I want to.
The space combat to me feels boring. There's no real excitement to it. The first couple times you go through its kinda fun and you get determined to get those last two objectives that you missed the first few times ,but after the 4th time or when you've gone on to the fifth space combat mission it just feel repetitive. Atleast to me anyway, I feel they could change the objectives escort, destroy target, destroy ship, and it really is the same thing. I guess what I was hoping for was more freedom but other then the occasional barrel roll or moving left to right which other then dodging asteroids and obstacles in the way doesn't really do much and usually if you have decent upgrades whether you hit something 2 times or five really doesn't impact you that much. Maybe it does by the level 50 space combat missions but I really don't care to be honest.
My biggest problem is the freedom which you'd think getting a ship to explore the galaxy really gives. It feels like a glorified portal which in truth is what it always has been ,but the combat itself kills it. No dogfighting no going underside a massive ship and destroying their propulsion or getting in a close call with another small personal starship. In my opinion the space combat could have been a game unto itself which is fine but doesn't match up well with all the other things put in the rpg elements of the game. It just makes it a fun little flying ship that shoots laser beams but doesn't feel at all epic like it should.
I really wish bioware had taken the time to work on the space combat and given it the attention it deserved. Even if that meant waiting for an expansion for the combat part of owning a ship.
Tell me your thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree. Please make it constructive.
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03.05.2012 , 04:18 AM | #2
I miss my ships from SWG, especially my POB's. SWG may have had its faults but space battles and flying around with your friends manning the turrets was just awesome. Not much else to say really except it would take this game to another level if in a later expansion SWTOR goes the same route as SWG with space combat. Totally agree with you on the space battle 'mini-game' being boring after the first few missions.
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03.05.2012 , 04:35 AM | #3
Hey guys,

We currently have an existing thread with active discussion on space combat, which can be found here:

In order to keep this topic consolidated, we ask that you join the existing conversation to share your related questions and comments.

Thank you everyone!