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Sith Marauder in PVP does not suck

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Sith Marauder in PVP does not suck

doromleynek's Avatar

03.05.2012 , 12:49 AM | #1
Ok so from the get go, i have been hearing nothing but marauders suck in pvp, they are horrible and the worst.

From lvl10-49 yeah pvp was rough, sometimes I didn't have abilities learned that i needed and blah blah blah, that's low lvl crap doesnt matter

At lvl50, at first I wasn't doing so great, I had 0 pvp gear and was getting rocked by everyone. But, by getting my *** handed to me so many times I learned how to counter those classes and how to bring them down. I'm not totally geared out yet, 4 centurion gear with 1 champion lightsaber, rest being lvl50 pve gear, and I am actually doing fairly well in Warzones, even against some players with battlemaster gear.

I am usually getting 5+ medals every WZ and as a marauder dps only class that's all i can really expect, but the thing i find interesting is..............i am doing this as a Carnage Marauder.

I heard nothing but Carnage is the worst it sucks, go rage or anni. And I tried those, decided hey let's give them a shot. and thru many WZ's as anni and rage, i found both of them to just suck, in my opinion and gameplay. As carnage, i have a LOT more control, i can snare someone and keep them from moving with many abilites like ravage and deadly throw, and the force camo that breaks CC, with the carnage burst dps that can just wreck someone.

Just wondering to all marauders out there, how do you pvp? And to those that say Carnage is the worse pvp spec, tell me why, cause i dont know about you guys, but getting 5+ medals every WZ with 5 pieces of pvp gear seems pretty damn good in my opinion.

Sevonn's Avatar

03.05.2012 , 04:14 AM | #2
It dosn't sucks, even at 10-49 BGs i felt its good class.
Why ppl think it sucks? Most of them are rolling maras as alts and they have merc/sorc as they suck and QQ about it.

MorgothQuick's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 12:36 AM | #3
All Ranged classes have auto face, melee doesnt. Theres your answer for why people say they suck, its cos theyre not used to not having auto face lol.