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What's your Chiss Name?

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01.02.2014 , 01:03 AM | #111
Well, I did something unique but still within the Chiss system.


This is actually a Mandalorian phrase that means, they who no longer exist with adjusted punctuation (normally Cuy'val Dar)

Cuy- We know there are some unidentified Mandalorian clans (probably quite a few) so I use Cuy as the clan name in place of the family name. (he was raised primarily Mando'a) It means to exist.
Val- given name (root) means they in Mando'a. This is just where it fit as part of the phrase.
Dar- No, or no longer works well as a chiss "occupation" name as he is no longer a part of the greater Chiss community and can throw in a little more Mando'a to finish the phrase...

He actually goes by Cuy (least I and all my guildies do). If I followed convention his core name would be Cald or Yvald neither of which is too terribly horrible, but I'm just not into them, I like Cuy and going by a clan name isn't unheard of in either culture.

He's an agent, once exiled by the Chiss and adopted by the Mando'a. He followed Chiss naming conventions in a rather ironic way when joining Imperial Intelligence so as to blend in. Safe to say, this is more or less the alias he gave to Imperial Intelligence (my head canon for why they call him Cipher 9 is they know he's just screwing with them) and how he is known to other Chiss. His name to the Mandalorians is different.

In RL, I love Chiss as a species and Mandalorians as a culture so I figured I'd blend the two. My personal naming conventions have always been one of three things. Celtic//Roman mythology, 4-5 names I came up with on my own and have liked over the years, or Mandalorian words/phrases. I did some research into chiss names when I went to name my guy, and adapted a phrase I had been considering. Fits nicely with the way I ended the agent story.

If you really want to be nit picky, I should have named him Cuy'kaysh'dar or the proper way of saying He (or she) who no longer exists
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01.02.2014 , 11:24 AM | #112
Core Name: Kayteel
Full Name: Lyka'yte'elshi'nuruodo.

And my second Chiss:

Core Name: Syalla
Full Name: Xsy'al'lavri'csapla
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01.02.2014 , 11:43 AM | #113
My male Chiss name for my BH Merc is Bos'barake
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01.02.2014 , 12:06 PM | #114
Nuat'kerik'cato, Vanguard in Republic Special Forces. Goes by Kerikc.
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01.04.2014 , 01:37 AM | #115
My two Chiss characters are:
Sith Juggernaut: Karr'aro'tarthi
Powertech: Karr'thrin'teer

I figured that, being part of the same legacy, they would be likely to belong to the same family, and gave them the same family name. I haven't made any solid decisions about their core names, although I'm leaning toward 'Arota' and 'Thrinte'.

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01.09.2014 , 04:45 AM | #116
Bunis'rin'vur is my imperial main -- and that is his name. The "bunis" family is often seen running around the Ebon Hawk server. Other chiss call him Srinv of course -- but the annunciation seems to be a little too difficult for those whose native tongue is not cheunh -- so most just call him Rin.

My sniper is Unh'anomi'zhuli and she is called hanomizh by those who can pronounce it, and again-- anomi by those who can not.

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01.18.2014 , 06:45 PM | #117
I made a Chiss BH and this forum helped a lot with the naming

Core Name: Sorok
Full Name: Kres'Oro'Kleoni

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01.19.2014 , 01:40 PM | #118
My Chiss character is NyxTessa, but she goes by either Nyx or Tessa. She was taken into slavery very young, so she has no understanding of the Chiss naming convention. Could anyone explain it for her?

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01.19.2014 , 01:51 PM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Big_poppa View Post
My Chiss character is NyxTessa, but she goes by either Nyx or Tessa. She was taken into slavery very young, so she has no understanding of the Chiss naming convention. Could anyone explain it for her?
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01.29.2014 , 05:10 PM | #120
Core name: Gabriel
Full Name: Synag'abri'elth

Story: The Synag, already a small sept, were almost completely wiped out during the war and were saved by directly allying themselves with a Sith Noble house. The last remaining son was basically raised in the Sith empire by a Sith Lord, who did his best to name the child decently if not completely correctly. Still, the Sith focused more on the Basic core name than on class and position when creating the name. At least he still honored the Synag family.
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