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Any high populated server?

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Any high populated server?

-nuc-'s Avatar

03.03.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
Anyone got any good tips on a good well populated server?
Since the one (uthar wynn) im currently playing on sucks balls (around 20 people online on fleet (imp) at 19:30 gmt+1) and bioware wont do anything about it, exept locking the threads im starting on the subject.

So anyone got a a good wellpopulated pvp server to recomend?

Kanshan's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 12:45 PM | #2
Ebon Hawk RP(EST)
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soulself's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 12:46 PM | #3
I saw that Candorus Ordo has a high pop sometimes.. i play over on Ven Zallow .. would jump ship but i don't feel like starting over on my legacy.
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asundrus's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 12:51 PM | #4
EU - The Red Eclipse.

Maranea's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 01:20 PM | #5
It would really help if people got in the habit of mentioning their region, as I think several replies assume US (and Canderous is PvE and US )

You had quite a bit of bad luck choosing a server: Uthar Wynn is the least populated server (shared with 5 others) in EU according to

A PvP EU server means Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Legions of Lettow and Starstorm are the top 3 in terms of population, though that site doesn't show faction (im)balance. And depending on your pc, they might be too populated for a decent framerate on the fleet.

Iwipe's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 01:28 PM | #6
Well since you are choosing an euro server, can't really help there.. but if you are ever thinking of choosing a US server, I did compiled some cross-sectional population data (snapshots in time) of all the US servers to give you a sense of server population, faction balance at peak times.