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Marauder strong point

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03.04.2012 , 10:39 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by YoungDro View Post
most classes have in interrupt, and the interrrupt only stops the spell they were trying to cast. all healers have multiple sources of heals.

ok so we have 4 defensive skills. does that mean our purpose is to take dmg or soak up dmg? any tank class can do it better ie guard/taunt.

you need to change ur playstyle depending on the team for any class. this isnt marauder specific.
Mate people are giving you valid reasons and answers to your questions and you are giving blanket responses. You could ask "What's so special about a BH" others can do it better and I can do the same thing you are and sit on the 'Yeah but but but nah' response.

Either stop trolling or start accepting some of the answers you are given, if you don't like the answers or argue with them all you obviously aren't a Marauder, don't want to roll one or get rolled by them so much you need to pull your suspenders up.
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03.04.2012 , 11:24 PM | #22
Mara's are the Lambos of SWTOR. Very powerful and can send you crashing to your doom if you dont know what you are doing.

1. Abilities that can buff the whole team. Predation boost at the start of a hutball game gives an edge. Predation buff to a Jugg or Assassin allows them to zoom through fire pits to good scores.

2. In Ilum using the group damage buff makes a big difference in pouring out ops dps. I've seen pub formations crumble after I do the buff and BH and Sorcs go to town with their AOE's.

3. When Beserk is up Maras are very very tough. Its like having a defensive abilitiy fired up. The heals getting thrown out to the team make a difference in scenarios like doors and turrets. When you fire up rupture, annihilation, and deadly saber with the auto crit you can throw out a decent chunk of healing...while DPSing like crazy.

4. On 8 man teams a mara can take out a healer. Healers only survive against Maras by self healing and they eventually die. The team of the healer loses the benefit. If a healer ignores me while I'm on their *** they are dead fast.

5. Again with Berserk. When you pop your adrenals, relics, and time it with can just chew any class to bits. Granted you need the good gear to fully realize this.

6. Maras have many tools. So many situations that Mara's can answer. I've held a door and turret as long as juggs while actually killing something as reinforcements come.

7. In Ilum you can rush a mob from one side to the other when predation is up. Run in, kill, run out. Faster than a jugg.

8. You sneer too quickly at undying rage. So many fights have two or three characters down to slivers of points. I've had 2 to 3 dudes on me as damaged. I pop my undying rage and berserk...I stay alive...aoe...they die. It all comes down to using excellent tools at the right time.

9. Camo. Can break a lock on you. Pop heal, adrenal, relic, berserk...bang agent/scoundrel is dead. Camo with predation and you are out of the fight and the other guy has a hard time catching up. Camo is one of the deadliest tools of a mara. Often its about getting the jump on the other guy. Camo is the answer to turn the tide on an ambush.

Like most lambo supercars its not forgiving to mistakes. Plenty of supercars easier to handle. But really...if your that dude in a lambo and can actually drive it...yeah...its a lambo. For a long time I thought people who would say Mara's are OP were nuts. Then I learned to play my class. I dont think mara's are OP but they sure can pull off some game changing moves. Just sayin