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EU : where to start

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03.03.2012 , 06:47 PM | #11
To be honest, there are a great many ways to get into the EU, just start at Calais and... Sorry bad joke, but the rest of the statement still stands.

An unlikely beginning, but I'd recommend second hand book stores. There's a small chance that they'd have old, used (but good enough condition) SW books in them for cheap. I've already found two great books in my local charity stores (The first of the Thrawn triology, called Heir to the Empire, and Tales from Jabba's Palace*) and I live in a small town in Ireland! Amazon itself is a good place for secondhand books too. Also, you'd probably want to start in the books based around the movies, I personally just find it easier to get into a medium with stepping stones like these.

*Maybe it's bias, but I recommend these two, in either order. Tales is a nice throwaway story book a la 1001 Arabian Nights in that there are many personal stories in it but the only prerequisite is that you've seen RotJ (and tbh you can understand a lot of it without even seeing the movies). Thrawn is more serious and, while I personally found it's attention to Original Trilogy detail a bit jaunting, it is a must for the sheer brilliance of Thrawn's character.
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