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PC/internett problems!

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03.01.2012 , 04:25 PM | #1
Im basicly screaming out to all the mega geeks out there! I have two issues on my computer.

1. Internett: I was updating a couple of things from Windows update when suddenly my internett dissapeared. The error message says that I dont have a internett cable plugged into my computer, but I do.
I tested the same cable after this problem in 3 different laptops and they all recived internett from that cable. When I took a look in the back of the computer where I plug in the cable to check if that little orangeish light was glowing it was rather pitch dark.
So thats the first and "worst" issue.

2. Windows 7 64Bit: I just bought some new parts to my computer, new CPU,RAM,GFXcard and new powersource. My pc registers the new 8GB Ram I put in but it says that it can only use 4 of them, my motherboard and OS can ofcourse use much much more. that ive checked.
I also checked in msconfig if there was any restrictions there but that wasnt the case either. so my guess is something in the BIOS?

I thank you all prehand for the help you might give me
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03.01.2012 , 04:53 PM | #2
Windows 7 x64... Home? Pro? Ultimate? And have you installed service pack 1? Home edition without SP1 has limitation on the amount of ram you can put in the computer.

As for ethernet, most likely there were driver updates in windows update, and for whatever reason they didn't work with your ethernet card. Is just a guess, but probably a good one.

Download the actual drivers for your ethernet from the manufacturer. If it is built into your mo/bo that means going to the mo/bo website. If you have a pre-made computer (Dell, alienware, gateway, hp, whatever) that means going to their website.

Hope that sets you on the right track.

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03.02.2012 , 11:16 AM | #3
Its the W7 Ultimate Edition, gotta admit its a pirate version tho =/

And its a built in nettwork card, so ill try to check the MB website and see if that helps me out
Squat or die!